Sunday, December 30, 2012

January Booty Buddies Co-Op

Okay here we go! I hope you have all been waiting for this as much as I have :) Here is how it will work:

- On Friday January 11, I will announce in the BST page when I will post the thread to sign up. It will be that day but you will get plenty of notice of when to be back in order to get your name on the list because I am only going to take 15 people this time to see how this goes.

- The first 15 people to comment will be obligated to their part in cooperating with me in placing their order. If someone backs out I can't replace them so be sure you are committed when you enter. These 15 people will be given a link to a form to fill out. Each person can only order up to 3 pair of Booty Buddies maximum up to size 12

-I will provide you with the fabric choices in advance before you sign up so everyone knows the fabric possibilities to choose from that way you can decide if you want to try to sign up or not. There will be 3 boy prints and 3 girl prints. You will also be able to choose your waistband and leg cuffs.

- The price of one pair of Booty Buddies is $10 up to size 6. $12 per pair from size 7-12. The sizes to choose from are 2T- 12. Shipping will be separate but included in your invoice.

- The co-op will be from January 14-January 31. I will invoice the first 5 people who signed up first. First to pay will be made first. I will do one person's order per day per week during those 3 weeks. So remember first come first serve when it comes to fabric availability, the quicker you fill out your form and the quicker you make your payment the better chance you have.

- If this goes smooth and easily on my end and yours, I will do this again if the demand is there.

Thank you and I can't wait to do this! This will not interfere with stocking schedules. And there will be a stocking every Wednesday this month.

~ Makayla
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Friday, December 7, 2012

New Soaker System and a Word on Stockings

The new soaker system has been made into 2 different sizes. One for the In Betweeners size and another for the One Size diaper. They are made up of the following:

1 layer of regular weight bamboo fleece
1 hidden layer of hemp
1 layer of heavy weight bamboo fleece

Panel Soaker:
Topped with matching velour
Hidden layer of regular weight bamboo fleece
1 layer of regular weight bamboo fleece

The layout and the fabric contents remain exactly the same as the previous soaker system. The changes made include: size, shape and snap placement. The fuzzy side of the fleece is now exposed on the UNDERSIDE of both soaker pieces.

Hidden snaps, so no exposed snaps touch baby
Contoured for less bulk between baby's legs
Panel soaker covers entire row of Fold Down Rise (FDR) snaps
Extra wide double at the bum area for extra coverage in the back
Panel soaker provides extra protection for boys and tummy sleepers

Contoured for better fit. Fuzzy side of bamboo fleece is exposed on one side to help determine which way the soaker folds in half and snaps in.  In the photo below, the In Betweeners is on top so that you can see the length difference to accomodate the size of the diaper.

The length of the doubler matches up with the length of the panel soaker.

Stocking New Soaker Systems:

Next week I will stock 5 pre order new soaker systems. I will do only 5 at a time and then take another 5 once those are completed. I realize that these will be desired after the small batch of soaker systems that went out last month that had exposed snaps on the panel soaker I am going to reduce the price from the normal $15 soaker system price to $12 for a while. 

**Important, once you have pre ordered your soaker system, you will have 2 hours from the time I send you the form the fill out for you system to return the form to me.

These will start next Wednesday the 12th along with a few ornaments.


Starting in January 2013:

*Customs will be available again.  I will list 2 custom slots per month. There will be new guidelines in place regarding customs under the listing that must be agreed to upon purchase. Customs diapers require extra time and effort than a regular in stock ready to ship diaper. Beginning in 2013 the price of In-Stock and SYOF customs will increase. Customs will ship within 14 days which will require all of your information regarding the wishes of your custom within 2 days. Fabric for SYOF's will have a 1 week period to arrive to me.

Accessories will restock in a few quantities at a time until those orders are filled and then I will restock more:
Hip Snaps
Fleece liners
Soaker Systems

Mini stockings will continue every Wednesday and Large stockings will continue back on their Wednesday night schedules on the last Wednesday of the month.

Shipping rates may go up if and when national shipping rates go up in February

Also beginning in January, ready to ship diapers will ship within 24 hours for most stockings. Occasionally there may be a stocking when they cannot ship for up to 5 days at the very most.

I will also continue to give away one free diaper a month.

Please remember that you may contact either George Kane, Elizabeth Benoit, Annelise Pyne through facebook if you cannot get into contact with me.

Feel free to leave your comments below and thank you all again so very much for your support!

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Friday, October 26, 2012




* In order to enter ANY drawing at this stocking you MUST "like" the facebook page first

*  ALL diapers are complete with the new test approved improvements:
      -14 panel/10 fdr snaps
      - Narrowed wings
      - hidden elastic casing
      - longer elastic placement
      - bamboo doubler
      - improved fit
Please see the previous blog regarding all diaper changes and improvements in further detail.

* Hybrids: The hybrids being stocked do not have a new Hybrid tag yet. These are on the way to me now and wil be here shortly. If you wish to hold your diaper with me as a pre-order until the tags arrive and are sewn on please notify me as quickly as possible, other wise you will not have a new tag. PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE WORD "HYBRID" IN THE TITLE OF THE LISTING TO KNOW WHETHER THAT DIAPER IS A HYBRID OR A FITTED.

* Proxy entering drawings are strictly not allowed. I will not send mail to anyone other than the actual winner. If the winner has proxy entered for someone else they will automatically be disqualified and I will choose a different random winner by choice. There is too much extra time/work involved in finding the rightful winner with proxy entering.

* Drawings for the giveaways will open up Monday at 2pm EST and END Tuesday at 2:10PM EST (24 hour window)

* HUMAN CHECK will be installed at this stocking and at all future stockings. Due to programs mechanically carting multiple diapers and multiple IP addresses entering drawings there has been too many glitches/viruses in the system. You cannot purchase or win a drawing unless you are human.

* DIBS: if you are current with a dibs pass, PLEASE check with me regarding the listing you want to use your dibs pass for as it may or may not be used for certain items at this particular Special Rainbow Stocking.

* Insurance is offered from here on out. I STRONGLY suggest buying insurance to protect your purchase so that you may be reimbursed due to the increase in fluff mail theft

* MEASUREMENTS for all collabs are detailed in the listings themselves, PLEASE be sure to know what they are before you purchase your listing so you do not have any regrets for sizing issues

* DON'T FORGET: ONE diaper at this stocking will have a special star snap that is BLUE and HIDDEN. That person who gets that diaper, gets a free dibs pass to purchase the diaper of their choice at the next stocking.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Diaper Improvements

The next stocking is Wednesday, October 10, 2012. Previews will be Wednesday morning and the stocking will be at 9pm Eastern Standard. There will be a few new diaper/hat costumes debuting! You do NOT want to miss these! I had hoped for a 30 diaper stocking, however, only 20 will stock this week.


As most of you know, Southern Comfort only stocks all natural fitteds. There has been an increased demand in polyester fleece hybrid fitteds. You will be pleased to know that SoCo will keep the all natural fitteds and add the Hybrids to stockings as well. Hybrids and Fitteds will be determined in the title of the diaper so that you know which kind it is. I feel it is important to reach out and please as many customers as possible.

Improvement #1:

The front panel of the diaper has been altered for shape improvement. The photo below shows the congruency and new shape.

Improvement #2:

The elastic in the leg casings have been lengthened. This adds for a longer rise and better fit. You can see the comparison below. The red velour diaper has the lengthened elastic, the aqua diaper has the previous elastic length. One inch has been added.

Improvement #3:

Elastic tacking is no longer visible, and creates a a cleaner look. Hidden tacking is now the new procedure for elastic placement. This allows the diaper to look nicer and no loose threads are bare.

Improvement #4:

Almost completely undetectable closures. The closing up of the diaper to be turned is not an easy task. I have worked to make it as perfect as possible to make the diaper look as best as it can.

Improvement #4:

Soaker system changes. The doubler no longer is topped with a matching velour. Instead, it is now 2 layers of bamboo with one layer of hemp sandwiched between. This allows for an extreme amount of more absorbency. The panel soaker will still be topped with coordinating velour or those who only want the velour touching baby. See photos below for the new soaker system.

Velour still lays on top

Completely maximized absorbency 

Even when turned around, velour still lays on top

These new improvements will not increase the price. Price chart remains the same until further notice.
Not all diapers will hold the new improvements at the next stocking, but each stocking following all diapers will have the new improvements.

Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Big Updates

*** Very Important Updates***


There are only 6 stockings left of this year, however I plan to have between 25-30 listings at each stocking, here are the dates for the last stockings of 2012:
September 26
October 10
October 24
November 7
November 14
December 5

We will pick back up on January 2, 2013.

This is only tentative and some slight changes could occur.


Customs are closed completely until January, in which I will begin to list custom slots again at stockings.


I will be giving away one free diaper November and December. Stay on the look out for drawings! These will be pre-made ready to ship, no customs.

1000 Fan 10 Free Diaper Stocking:

Due to reaching 1000 Fans on facebook, I will have a very special side stocking on Friday, October 26, 2012. I will list 10 completely different diapers as drawings FREE for shipping. Be sure to stay tuned and enter! This is in honor of my fans and supporters who have helped me along the way as a WAHM. The diaper will be at no charge but normal shipping will apply.

*****************Mercy's Angelversary Auction************

For anyone who would like to participate:

On October 5th through October 9th, I will be hosting an Angelversary Auction in my store in honor of Mercy Elizabeth Pyne, the daughter of a wonderful momma, stillborn at 20 weeks and 3 days, on which would be her 1st birthday. This auction is being conducted to show the support and love we have for our children and mother's everywhere. If you would like to donate an item (anything that you make or own that you are willing to part with) in an effort to raise funds for a charitable donation to list during these dates, you may send a photo back to this email address. Please specify if you would like any of funds for shipping costs and if you have any other requirements. All funds received will be donated directly to the Rush Copley Medical Center NICU in Aurora, IL in a tribute donation to honor Mercy commemorating her first birthday shortly after the auction has ended. This organization was chosen because of the dedication and care that the doctors and nurses provided to the mother and her family in an attempt to bring her child into this world safely and the same people WILL be bringing her unborn sister into this world as well. Mercy's Angelverary Theme is "You Are My Sunshine". If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me. I truly appreciate you taking the time to and effort for any support that you are willing to give. If at all possible, I would like to ask that any donation photos are received by October 3, but no later than October 5.

Ideas for Donations:
Shirt sets
Gift Certificates

New Item in the Store:

Starting next week, you may notice some stocked diapers are listed together with a custom designed matching crocheted hat! These are to accommodate for the cold months ahead for your sweet angels to keep them warm and looking even cuter!  These are designed and mailed directly from Weegabugs on Etsy.


No accessories (wipes, hip snaps, fleece liners, etc.) will be available until stockings are on a good roll again. This may mean not until the January stocking.

Serged Diapers:

After the September 26 stocking, serged diapers will not be stocked. This is only temporary in an effort to make some minor adjustments to the pattern. There has been slight concern regarding the wings flapping up. These will be restocked with a few testers in a couple of months.

Prices of Diapers:
Most regular knit diapers will stay at $29.00. However, I would like to provide you with a mini price chart for other types of diapers with special knits and sizes.

Regular OS Fitted with a regular knit or woven: $29
Just Born Fitted with a regular knit or woven: $21
In Betweeners OS Fitted with a regular knit or woven: $29

Regular OS Fitted with a higher priced knit or woven: $30
Just Born Fitted with a higher priced knit or woven: $22
In Betweeners OS Fitted with a higher priced knit or woven: $30

Regular OS Fitted with an HTF print: $35
Just Born Fitted with an HTF print: $25
In Betweeners OS Fitted with an HTF print: $35

VVHTF prints: Auctioned

Wind-Pro Fleece Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep's: $40
Velour Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep's: $35

Dress Sets: $50
Hat sets: $ $45

Another reminder on SoCo fitteds, they are not hybrids. They are regular fitteds constructed with a hidden layer of thirsty heavy organic bamboo fleece. Any hybrids listed at stockings will be noted in the title. All dress sets will be hybrids by default. The price chart reflects this quality.

Please feel free to leave your comments and follow my blog to stay up to date with the most important information regarding SoCo. You may email me at 

Have a wonderful day!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Improvements and Updates

I would like to start out by listing a few changes taking place to the diapers:

*An additional layer of hemp will be added to the doubler for added absorbency
*Most serged diapers and all soaker systems will be serged in soft woolly nylon rather than polyester thread
*Beginning in September, the 2 front snaps that hold the fold down rise into place will be optional, but not installed by default
*You may see more wovens stocking, as I am finding the love for HTF, nice quality, designer wovens

With these changes, I would like to remind you of the construction of a Southern Comfort Fitted:

Outer Print: Knit, Woven, Velour, Fleece

Hidden Core: Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece

Touching Inner: Cotton or Organic Bamboo Velour

A traditional SoCo Fitted is not a hybrid, which means it is NOT made with polyester fleece in the hidden core. Because it is made with quality organic bamboo fleece, the cost of supplies are greater than a hybrid diaper. This is the determination behind the $28 price set. 

That being said, the cost of each diaper will increase by $1 to accommodate the new improvements. This will begin at the August 31 stocking.

If a hybrid is stocked, it will be specified in the listing's description. Hybrids are available to request in a custom order.

A Word On Knits:

Throughout the last year, I have learned so many facts about fabric. One in particular, knits. After some experience with the different types of jerseys, ribs, interlocks, spandex, lycras, etc. there are some knits that hold up better than others. As I continue stocking diapers, fabric choices for the outer print will be better researched as to provide you the best, durable, and most sustainable prints. If a knit is too thin or may pill or fade within the first wash, these factors will be determined before hand and not used to make a diaper that will be sold in the store. 

Thank you all so much for sticking with me and for your support as I try to make your baby the best diaper possible.

Any comments are welcomed!
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Coming up in August

Hey everyone! I want to start this blog out by just saying that all of you have been so wonderful in helping me get on my way as a WAHM. These first 4 months have been a lot of trial and error, and I have learned so much from you. I want to continue making positive changes and move in the direction that pleases you the most. I truly appreciate all of your support. I want to reiterate that if for some reason there is any flaw or problem with your diaper that you contact me, as immediately as possible, and I am more than happy to work with you on a solution. I don't want anyone unsatisfied or feel that your money was not well spent.

On that note, there a few changes being made beginning August 1st, 2012. After 4 months of mostly weekly stockings, I have decided that it fits my family's life style best  to have every other week stockings. So until further notice, I will only stock the store every other Wednesday night at 9pm eastern. This will only mean more diapers at each stocking!

Second, there has been some mention of curling wings. I am now completely aware of this fact. I realize some wings don't curl at all, while other wings curl badly. I have made a few adjustments beginning in August to hopefully accommodate this. I have made a tester for myself and so far so good. I know there may be some of you that this does not bother at all, but I realize that perfection is key when it comes to our diapers, right?

Lastly, some babies are too big for a Just Born diaper, while at the same time, too small for the 2nd Generation One Size fitted. Stocking a few Generation 1 patterns at each stocking may come about as I have taken note that this would be something those "in between stages" babies would need. The 1st Generation soaker system will not be used, and has been completely done away with. These diapers will be constructed with the same soaker system used in the 2nd Generation pattern. If this seems to help out, I will try to keep this as an option.

Stalkerazzi Congo will have it's grand opening on August 10th! Stay tuned for previews during that week at  and Here,  Diaper Donks, The Diaper Addict, Bouncy Bums, Coco's Fluff and SoCo collaborate to have a once a month stocking of truly amazing hand crafted diapers. We have already begun working on these and you will not believe what we have planned!

There will be 2 diaper giveaways announced on August 8th. The photo who received the most likes during July's Cover Photo Contest and a reviewer from any place that you can leave a review of a Southern Comfort Fitted.

Please feel free to leave your comments or questions below! The next stocking is August 8, 2012 at 9pm EST here:


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Monday, July 2, 2012

July Events

July holds some exciting events for SoCo so I would like to take a minute to explain those to you here.

Cover Photo Contest: Get those SoCo's OTB (on the bum) photos up on the page this month! Each week I will randomly choose a photo for the cover photo on Facebook. These photos will be changed each Monday. They will stay up for one week for everyone to click "like" and vote on their favorite one. At the end of the month, the cover photo with the most likes will get a free custom diaper! If this works out to be something fun, we will continue this each month, this month is a trial month! 

Reviewers Giveaway:For another giveaway opportunity, this month only, I am going to compile a list of everyone who has written a review SOMEWHERE (HC, the BLOG, the FB notes survey, etc.) and give each of you a number. will choose a winner for a free diaper giveaway! So get those reviews in!

SoCo's Just Born newborn fitteds: Testers will stock the first week of July at a "tester" price. Those of you who purchase these will be emailed a survey to fill out. After the changes have been made, Just Born's will continue at each stocking.

New Style Pinny's with matching Hybrid Fitteds: This month we will be stocking brand new ruffled and tied pinafores and halters that have matching Hybrid fitteds. The matching fitteds used to be regular, but we are making them Hybrids  (hidden layer of polyester fleece which allows the outside of the diaper to stay slightly dryer longer) so that the adorable handmade outfit will can last longer on. These will start stocking in the second week of July.

July's highlighted Prints: Indigo Onion and Mustaches: These will be incorporated randomly throughout July so be on the look out for some swirl dye organic bamboo velour and the ever so popular mustache print.

Reopening Customs: I know many of you are wondering about a customs list. The customs list is currently closed. Customs will reopen on July 25th with listings in the store. There will be 20 spots available. Once they are full, it will close again. Stay tuned for more info.

Please feel free to comment with any questions!

Thanks so much,

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Welcome and Introduction

Southern Comfort ~ Fitteds
An Introduction

Hello and welcome to Southern Comfort ~ Fitteds! I would like to start out by saying thank you for your business and support. My name is Makayla, married to my best friend and I have 3 amazing children who I love more than anything. My husband and I opened our store on Hyenacart on April 25, 2012 (my birthday). The name Southern Comfort ~ Fitteds comes from the idea that our diapers provide the ultimate "comfort"  down "south" on your baby, and they are all hand sewn in the "south" (Texas). We will only sell fitted diapers, and no other type of diaper in the store. Currently we are stocking 10-15 diapers once a week on Wednesdays, including a few matching sets for boys and girls. My husband, George, and I run our small WAHM business together. 

I sew all diapers myself and my husband plays a huge role in helping with cutting, prepping and ordering fabric and supplies. We are currently in the process of adding an extra set of hands to help out as well. 

About the Diapers

SoCo fitteds are made to fit babies weighing from about 10lbs until about 40lbs depending on the baby. Each diaper has a set of hidden fold down rise snaps installed that can snap down into place on the front of the diaper for the smallest setting. These snaps may also be only folded down for a medium size, or not used at all for the largest size. 

While most diapers will have a right over left style snap closure, occasionally I will make some with a left over right style since both styles are preferred.

These fitted diapers require a cover to be 100% waterproof. However, they are so absorbent that most babies can go hours in them before the outside is even barely damp. These diapers can be worn without covers and just changed after baby has soiled them. Some babies can even keep the shell and just replace the soaker with a new soaker. It is suggested to use a cover for naps, outings a and overnight. 

A regular day time fitted construction:
Outer print: Knit or woven cotton (usually the most in style and in demand prints)
Hidden Core: Heavy organic bamboo fleece (for ultimate absorbency and no leaks)
Touching inner: Cotton or bamboo velour

The soaker system has 2 parts:
Doubler: 1 layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece and 1 layer of regular weight organic bamboo fleece topped with cotton or bamboo velour
Panel: 1 layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece and 1 layer of regular weight organic bamboo fleece topped with cotton or bamboo velour

A Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep:
Outer: Cotton or Bamboo Velour, sometimes printed velour
Hidden Core: Bamboo Hemp Fleece
Touching Inner: Cotton or Bamboo Velour

The soaker system has 3 parts:
Doubler: 1 layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece and 1 layer of regular weight organic bamboo fleece topped with cotton or bamboo velour
Panel: 1 layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece and 1 layer of regular weight organic bamboo fleece topped with cotton or bamboo velour
Second Doubler: 1 layer of hemp terry and 1 layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece

Soaker System Design:
The soaker system is designed to use in the way that fits your baby best. You can use all soakers or take out what you don't need. The panel soaker can be snapped into place in either the front or the back. The doubler can be snapped into the back of the panel soaker if you need it turned in the back and need all soakers.

The extra hemp doubler that comes with your Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep night time solution is a lay in only and can be place wherever you need it in the diaper. The hemp doubler does need to be prepped slightly more than the rest of the diaper in order for it to absorb at it's maximum ability.

All fabric is prepped when it comes through my door in All Free and Clear. It is washed and dried on hot and high twice. All fabric is sewn in a smoke free and outdoor doggy home. Some dark dye velour does have the possibility of tinting other white diapers or white velcro from other diapers. If you bought a diaper with a dark dye (red, black, royal, kelly, etc.) it is best to not prep these with any diaper that it may tint. After you have prepped this diaper well, it is safe to start washing it with all of your diapers.

So How Do You Get One???

The regular day time fitteds are priced at $28 and the night time Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep diapers are priced at $30. Occasionally I will have extra space and time for custom diapers. When those are available, a Send Your Own Fabric custom diaper is priced at $28 and an In-Stock Fabric custom diaper is priced at $30. Custom diapers are priced at this rate because I incorporate your exact wants for your diaper ( snap color, thread color, velour color, anything extra) and that requires extra time and consideration. Stocked diapers are priced according the price of the high quality fabric that goes into each one.

Currently, the only way to buy a diaper is at stocking time in the store on Hyenacart. You will need an account with Hyenacart (which is free) and be logged in in order to make your purchase. Paypal is the only form of payment accepted. Once the store is stocked with new diapers, they will be available at a set time ( usually 9pm EST). Once that time becomes live,  you may then purchase your diaper. The day before the stocking, I will show a few previews of what is new for the week on our Facebook page so that you may see photos of the new diapers. I will make announcements frequently on Facebook regarding stockings and special events. 

Each diaper is made with the best quality and natural fabrics so that your baby has nothing but the best. The type of fabric these diapers are made with allow only natural fibers touching your baby (nothing synthetic), making them breathable and adding the ultimate "comfort" and luxury for your baby. 

For some insight on what others think about the diapers click here or here.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

No Stocking, New Pattern

After the first successful month of stocking the pattern that I initially made for my girls (Generation I), I have been delighted to that so many of you love my diapers! 

Once many of you began to own my fitted diapers, I started taking notes of some changes that needed to be made in the pattern. 

My husband and I have developed a new pattern. It has the exact same fit idea, but the diaper has a higher rise, longer wings and a completely different soaker system. 

The Generation I diapers will no longer be produced for stockings. The new Generation II diapers will begin stocking on June 6, 2012. The same stocking time will remain right now, 9pm Eastern.

Next week I will post photos of the new pattern compared to the Gen. I pattern on Facebook so that you may see the changes in advance.

The Construction:

Outer Print: Knit, CV or OBV
Hidden Core: Heavy OBF
Touching Inner: CV or OBV

Soaker System: Heavy OBF and CV or OBV

No Zorb II will be used.

1 snake style soaker system with an extra double that can be turned in either direction and snapped in, accommodating boys, girls and new borns. Hidden snaps in soaker system so they never touch baby. The FDR snaps are completely covered when not being used so they never touch baby. Fold Down Rise snaps automatically installed and snap down into place to keep from flapping back up. Overlapping wing span. Fits babies from about 9lbs to about 40lbs, depending on the baby. The overnight solution diaper soaker system will snap in and will come with an extra hemp lay in soaker.

Even though the new Gen. II diaper is 100x improved, tested and larger, the price will remain the same at $28 for the day time fitteds, and $30 for the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep overnight solutions. However, because of the size and weight increase, shipping will be charged starting in June.

There will still be 10 diapers each week that stock. 1-2 Pinafore sets that stock and an occasional vest set.

I am so excited about this revolutionary turn around for SoCo. With the new pattern, you will be very impressed and very happy with your purchase. 

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

SoCo Updates: The Three Fs

As our 5th stocking approaches, we are improving and updating our diapers each week. Making them fit, function and feel better. Something I like to call the "3 F's". Fit, Function, Feel. 

Fit: Sewing is a learn as you go process. Most improvements I figure out are found by accident. Sometimes I will make a what I think is a mistake, but it actually worked out to be better than before. Each diaper that I make, I take my time and work each one as if it were a piece of art trying to make it perfect for the little baby who will be wearing it. I have changed up a few details in the actual sewing this last week to make each diaper fit around the legs, the waist and the bum more securely and comfortably.

Function: We have neared the end of our supply of Zorb II diamond. As some of you know, Zorb II is unavailable because it is back ordered by so many at Wazoodle (the manufacturer). Our supplier is even waiting on their supply for at least 6 more weeks. In this event, my husband and I have decided that once our stock of Zorb II ends, that we will no longer use it in our soaker system. If you do not know already, our entire diaper is constructed with Certified HEAVY Organic Bamboo Fleece only in the core and soaker petal. No other fabric is used. Since we love the heavy OBF so well for it's quality and absorbency features, we will be constructing the snake style doubler with the heavy OBF. This will still keep the diaper made with all natural fibers so that there is still nothing synthetic about our diapers. 

Feel: After much thought and discussion, George and I have decided to sew mostly cotton knits for the outer print versus using wovens. Because of it's popularity for stretchiness and softness, this seems to be the best decision. Now, please bare in mind that there will still be a few wovens that stock sporadically. Especially some of the pinafore sets, most of those will be woven. If a diaper is constructed with a woven print, it will be noted in the description for that diaper. In addition to going mostly to knits, we will be adding Certified Organic Bamboo Velour to the stockings. In the stockings, there will be a few diapers that have been made with OBV rather than the regular Cotton Velour. OBV is just like CV, but it is slightly softer and silkier. The only real difference in feel is that it is slightly thinner. OBV an all natural fiber, making it antimicrobial and gentler for sensitive skin. 

A few words on custom slots: For the time being, there will only be 3 custom slots. Two of which will be for an in-stock fabric of woven, knit or velour and one will be a SYOF (send your own fabric). These listings will stock in the store once they have been opened back up. They will be stocked with the regular stockings on Wednesday nights if they are open. For each week that there is a custom slot stocked, there will be a coordinating fabric album for that slot only. There will be a link to that album placed in the listing description. Currently there will not be an ongoing album. These listings will be up at least 24 hours before they are live so that you may have time to browse through the fabric choices in the album for that slot before you decide you want to buy the in-stock fabric custom listing. Please remember that custom slots are the ONLY listings that will charge shipping. Shipping for a custom slot is $3.00.

*We hit 5 diaper reviews!  yIn the near future there will be a free diaper drawing for those who have left their reviews of Southern Comfort Fitteds cloth diapers here on the blog. Be sure to on the look out for it!*

I hope you found this information helpful for your future SoCo stalkings and thank you so much for taking a moment to read this quick update. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment box below. Stay tuned next Sunday evening for even more updates. Have a wonderful Sunday! 

Link to HC store:

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

SoCo Custom Orders and The New Fit Details

Custom Orders:

I absolutely love making customs for anyone who wants one. However, because there are so many requests for customs, I don't want to take too many that you are having to wait 6 weeks or so for your diaper(s). I mean, babies are only in diapers for so long! I also don't want to have any miscommunication about terms or payment.

So, I am going to finish up the customs I have right now and not take any more until the May 16 stocking. At the stocking there will be 3 custom slots available. There will only be 3 at a time and once they are completed I will re-list them. They will stay active and not have to wait on the next stocking. So if all three are bought that night, and I finish one the next night, I will restock one of them that night. This way they can be purchased through heynacart on the store website as an actual listing and you can feel confident about your purchase.

Custom diaper listings will have a term of 2 weeks until mailed. They may be finished well before then, but the maximum time for me to make your custom diaper will be 2 weeks. Once it is mailed you will receive your shipping notice with a delivery confirmation number just the same as if you bought an in-stock diaper.

When you purchase your diaper, it is your choice whether you would like to SYOF (send your own fabric) or choose an in stock fabric. After I receive the email that you have bought the listing, I will contact you within 24 hours via email to work out the details.

Your custom diaper can be:

Turned and Top Stitched
Soft style or butterfly elastic
Embroidered - $3 extra
Fold Down Rise Snaps
Now I lay me down to sleep version - $2 extra
Heavy Bamboo Fleece core or Hybrid Core

The New Fit:

After the first stocking, I made some adjustments to the diaper construction. Your Southern Comfort Fitted is now constructed entirely of HEAVY ORGANIC Bamboo Fleece as the hidden core. If any more hybrids stock they will be noted in the listing. After making this change, I also changed the elastic placement in the pattern to make the the diaper fit your babies longer. The diaper now has a much longer wing span and a higher rise. The pattern itself did not change, only the placement of where the elastic is tacked down. It was moved over a half an inch on each end and made a huge difference in the size.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hyenacart Stockings and Store/Product Updates

Hello to all of my fellow CDer's! I have lots of information to share with you regarding Southern Comfort Fitteds. I would like to ask you all to read this blog to help you better understand who I am and the business my husband and I have created. I want to do my best to keep you all informed and stay as organized and professional as I can to keep you happy and coming back. I will do my best to keep all of your input and ideas in mind as I continue to grow because my first priority is to make my customers happy.
The Girls

First Stocking
The first Hyenacart stocking was last week on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 8pm Eastern. There were exactly 10 diapers listed. As a beginner, I am learning as I go so I want to thank you all for bearing with me while I figure everything out. Unfortunately and accidentally, there was no cart in the store last week which made it confusing for some to check out and some even lost their diaper simply because of that. I am truly sorry and didn't realize I had made such a huge mistake! However, the cart is installed in the store now and has been tested to work properly.Also, there is a now listing to purchase your fold down rise snaps for smaller babies under 15 pounds. The best way to purchase the snaps is AFTER you buy your diaper, since they are always available. I do not want to charge for these snaps, however, in order to offer them I have to list them for something so that you can let me know if you need them.

For the time being, there will be 10 diapers listed at each stocking. All listings are "hold" type listings where the item will remain in your cart for 10 minutes. If checkout has not completed within that time frame the listing will restock and become available again. There will always be 1 diaper that I like to call the "graffiti" diaper, which is the half print half cotton velour skin with a cute embroidered slogan on the butt. These are more customized and will be slightly more expensive than the rest. There will also always be 1 "Now I lay me down to

My Best Friend and Husband

sleep" night time solution diaper. This diaper consists of cotton velour inner and outer, with a hidden core of heavy bamboo fleece, two snake style soaker systems and one extra insert. These will not snap in as they are meant to lay in based on how you want it to conform to your baby. You may choose the amount of absorbency you prefer and lay them in the way you like them. This one will also be a little more expensive than the rest due to the extra fabric. The other 8 stand alone diapers will be a regular knit or woven print.

As summer approaches and we are always looking for something cool and airy to pair with our diapers without covering it up to show off those cute fluffy bums, a friend of mine Elizabeth Benoit has introduced a solution! In addition to the 10 diapers listed, there will be one pinafore set for girls and one vest set for boys. These will have a matching diaper and some of the larger sizes will have matching bloomers with the pinafores. They will be listed in a variety of sizes fitting a large size range. Soon there will be a size chart available to view in the store for these sets.  In the near future, if these seem to be something that is in high demand we will list more than one of each in the store. The pinafores and vests are reversible and made with Kamsnaps that also match the snaps on the matching diaper. Most pinafores and vests will be woven but there will be times when there will be a knit set.

Future Stockings
For right now, all stockings will be every Wednesday at 8pm Eastern. I realize that not everyone has this time available to stalk the store due to busy schedules. Soon, I will add an alternate stocking time and have a few different types of stockings such as drawings, auctions and random stockings. This will give more people better opportunities to stock the store. Until we get a little more accustomed to the regular stockings, we are just going to keep it simple to see how things go. I encourage you all to watch the videos in the store to understand how to use your SoCos and how they are constructed. I also encourage you all to read the policy and about pages for more helpful information.

How We Do It

My 3 Babies: Gracie, Aubrey and Daniel

Because I have three small children and a household to run, finding spare time is not easy. So how do I have time to manage a small business? Well, for starters, once all of my children are in bed asleep at night is when I get down to business. I usually sew from 8pm until about midnight or 1am every night. Most importantly I have an amazing husband who stands behind this business as his second job. George Kane is my rock, best friend, and the best daddy in the entire world to our three precious babies.  He is very much involved and supportive of my business from cutting out fabric to ordering supplies. We are a team and make all business and household decisions together (two brains are better than one!). He is an excellent businessman who comes from a family of business owners. I am so thankful and blessed to have such an encouraging and loyal husband to make my dreams come true.

Currently I am taking custom orders. I know it may be hard to snag the diaper you want in the store, so custom orders are available. I will only take as many custom orders as I can based on the amount of time I have available. I do not want to take on more than I can handle. Custom orders will be charged based on the type of diaper(s) you want. They will automatically be a few dollars more than the diapers listed in the store because you do not have to stalk these and they are not already made. Embroider will be charged based on what you want. Turn around time for 1-2 custom diapers is 2 weeks. Custom orders will be invoiced via email and must be paid in advance before I start your order. If you would like to purchase a custom, please email me to see if their is availability for customs and to work out the details. Eventually I will list custom slots to purchase in the store.

Facebook For Sale Albums
I will not always have a Facebook For Sale Album. These will be periodic albums that will be announced the week before. There will be a time and date set for when the diapers in the album are for sale and first to comment "Sold paypal address" under the diaper will own the diaper. This album is for Facebook fans only and gives others more chances to purchase a diaper. Once you have received a money request for the diaper you purchased in the facebook album you will have 24 hours to make your payment or it will be re-listed for sale in the album

I am one who absolutely despises paying for shipping and waiting forever for something to ship to me, even when I paid for faster shipping! So as a courtesy of doing other the way I like to be done, all shipping is free and I will strive to do my best to ship as fast as I can because I know you all anxiously await your fluffy mail.

I am only human so therefore I am prepared for the mistakes I am going to make. I know there will come times when something didn't go right, but when that time comes I will do my best to satisfy my customer and fix the problem speedily.

I hope you are happy with the diapers that I sew and that you continue coming back for more fluff for your babies' little bums. I am so excited to be opening this window to a new world of opportunities and experience.

I hope this blog helped answer a lot of questions and inform you a little more about what I am venturing into here. Thank you all for reading and feel free to leave your comments below. Do not hesitate to contact me for any reason.

Best Regards,

The Work Area

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