Friday, January 27, 2012

Southern Comfort Fitteds

Hey guys! Thanks for following my blog. I will give away a free diaper at 50 followers! Spread the word ;) There will be lots of fun posts coming up!
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  1. glad you are putting your time to good use. hope you do well in this business

  2. I now have 5 of your diapers and I actually use them, much to others dismay. I save at least 5 disposables a day by using them. We are almost at the end of our stockpile of size 2 diapers and she still is in that size. I'm gonna have enough eventually for a day or two complete cloth diapers for Abby and my toddler Kj. Eventually. I really like the them. They are easy to take apart and wash. I add some towels that need extra cleaning in the bunch and they even get super clean as well. No trace of toxicpee deep down in the diaper pad. I don't have a clothesline set up yet but I dry them in the dryer

  3. I need to report a driver in a Southern Comfort van that almost drove me off the road today in Deerfield Beach federal and hillsboro. He was swerving all over, obviously Who would I speck to regarding this?

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