Monday, January 30, 2012

Simple Organic Cloth Wipes Solution

Instead of using disposable paper wipes when changing diapers, I use my own cloth wipes and solution. Not only is this more economical on my wallet, but it's also better for the planet. Think about how many wipes you use at each changing, at least 1, sometimes a lot depending on the mess. So here is my quick tutorial on a simple cloth wipes solution that has kept my babies bottom super clean and prevented diaper rashes.

Pure Vitamin E oil
Pure Organic Aloe
Whitch Hazel
Organic baby soap
Organic olive oil
Tea Tree oil
Lavendar oil

2 cups of water
And an empty clean container

 Pour 1 teaspoon of each ingredient (minus the Tea Tree and Lavendar oils) into the water

 I use one drop each of Tea Tree oil and Lavendar oil, too many drops makes it too strong
 Pour the solution into your container
 Shake it up
 Store in the icebox to keep it fresh

I pour one cup of the solution into a small spray bottle and keep it by the wipes at the changing table

This bottle lasts me about 2 weeks, sometimes more. When it's empty I just fill it up with the remaining solution in the icebox and make another batch! I usually do this once a month and it takes less than 5 minutes. I still have a few boxes of regular wipes around my house for other clean ups, but when it comes to my baby's bottom I use this method!

It's that Easy!
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