Saturday, February 18, 2012


Both of my girls suffer with severe teething pain.

Severe teething pain symptoms:
Fever higher than 100 degrees
Consistent drooling
diaper rash (from acid in mouth and diarrhea)
vomiting (from acid in mouth)
diarrhea (from acid in mouth)
inability to sleep
inability to eat

Add all of those together and you pretty much have one very sick baby and one stressed out mama. I am NO PRO, but after many countless hours of dealing with this sort of teething, I have come up with a few ideas rather than the regular ol' baby orajel and Tylenol. Most of the time babies scream at the taste of orajel because it "burns" so to speak. Baby Tylenol is becoming obsolete, so help me help this poor baby!

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

I came across this necklace while doing my cloth diapering research (not sure how, but I did). This is a necklace made for infants, toddlers, children and adults, created with 100 % Natural Baltic Amber . When worn under supervision (to prevent choking, please do not let baby go to sleep with this on), babies body temperature activates the Succinic Acid found in amber and seeps through the skin. Succinic Acid has been proven to do the following:

act as an analgesic to reduce teething pain/arthritis pain
boost immunity
act as an anti-inflammatory
act as an anti-fever remedy and expectorant

This little tiny necklace is so light weight, so soft and from a personal review, seems to work. I keep it on Aubrey during her most painful times and it seems to CLEARLY help reduce her symptoms. That's with no other interventions such as Tylenol or baby orajel. I love THIS. There are TONS online to purchase and LOTS more information, just google: Baltic amber teething necklace.

Mommy teething necklaces (no it's not for mommy to teeth on)

So I came across this while reading online about nursing. This is a necklace worn on mommy. It's pretty huh? They come in LOTS of colors! Looks like stone huh? NOPE. It's made out of a special rubber designed for your teething baby. HOW CLEVER! While holding baby, she has something to teeth on. While nursing baby, she has something to play with instead of your hair. This thing is so cool!

I thought these two ideas were pretty neat, so I had to share. Of course I have many more up my sleeve, but don't forget this absolutely natural teething remedy:
Diversions! Take your baby for a walk outside to get some fresh air! Give your baby a warm bath. Give your baby a new toy or turn on some fun music.

In the middle of the night: well we chose to be parents, so I get up and let my selfishness go and do everything in my power to sooth my baby. I've been in labor, so I know what pain is, and teething must be at least that painful.

Hope you thought this was helpful! Leave your comments below :)
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Homemade baby food

Of course I can go to the store and buy jars and jars of processed baby food and just chunk the jar in the trash, plus finding somewhere to store all of these jars in my pantry (no thanks). Spending the money on that makes it worth the convenience and ease, right? OOOOORRRR, I could just shove a banana into a processor and pop out the baby spoon (maybe dilute it a little with some breastmilk, only do this for the first few feedings until baby's tummy becomes accustomed). That seems pretty easy too. Plus I know exactly what my baby is eating and not wondering about mystery ingredients or factory handling (i keep hearing from all over "never trust a label"). There are so many wonderful ways to feed your baby homemade baby food without making it a big hassle. I DO recommend some sort of a food processor. Whether you have a fancy baby food maker or just a regular kitchen aid.

I personally feel that the age between 5 and 6 months is the perfect time to introduce solid food, after baby has been on infant cereal for about a month (again this is only MY personal preference). Starting baby off with only one food at a time is the safest way to determine any food allergies that may occur and is easier on babies stomach to try and digest one new food at a time. Too many different types of food may cause some upset tummies.

Veggies to start with:
Green beans
Sweet potato

Fruit to start with:
Applesauce - unsweetened

Washing, peeling, cooking and processing (even all the fruits with the exception of the banana and avocado) are a really important before feeding to baby. Starting baby off with more veggies than fruit at first is key, that way baby does not want the sweet stuff over the healthy stuff.

The baby food phase doesn't last too long, before you know it, in a couple of months, baby will be sitting at the table eating spaghetti with the family. So for this reason, I want to cherish the few months that I can determine every little thing my baby eats.

Keeping a food diary is probably helpful. That way you know what baby ate, when and how much. This may be beneficial if any allergic reactions occur or baby has an upset stomach, etc. You will know to hold off on those foods for a while.

THE BEST PART: You can take 20 minutes to wash, boil, and process a bag of frozen carrots and now you have enough carrots for 2 weeks worth of meals! Divide it up into food trays, pop it in the freezer. Grab one out when it's dinner time! How cool is that! SAVES YOU A TON OF MONEY! Plus, not throwing a bunch of jars and lids away and wasting potential baby food that could have been used. You can divide up YOURSELF exactly how much you think your baby is eating.

Storing: I suggest storing your babyfood in the freezer. You can divide it up into trays with dividers and lid, or put into freezer safe bags. You can purchase a few freezer trays to keep forever so you don't have to throw the bags away every time (wasting more money and adding more trash).

Aubrey's First Real Food: Banana


The Supplies:
This kit cost about $20. It's the Kid Co 123 Baby Steps. Totally worth the money. It comes with 2 types of processors, 2 storage trays, an on the go meal plate, and a complete HOW TO guide!

First Taste! LOL

It's actually really fun to do this! You learn so much about food and organic food along the way!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am happy to have handed out 2 testers this afternoon! Still have a few more to hand out, but I am looking forward to feed back. The layers consist of an outer layer of minky, a hidden layer of PUL and a hidden layer of organic cotton fleece, and a inner layer of cotton velour. The soaker pad system is layered with cotton velour and zorb II. Here are a few pics of the first 2 testers out:

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