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Hyenacart Stockings and Store/Product Updates

Hello to all of my fellow CDer's! I have lots of information to share with you regarding Southern Comfort Fitteds. I would like to ask you all to read this blog to help you better understand who I am and the business my husband and I have created. I want to do my best to keep you all informed and stay as organized and professional as I can to keep you happy and coming back. I will do my best to keep all of your input and ideas in mind as I continue to grow because my first priority is to make my customers happy.
The Girls

First Stocking
The first Hyenacart stocking was last week on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 8pm Eastern. There were exactly 10 diapers listed. As a beginner, I am learning as I go so I want to thank you all for bearing with me while I figure everything out. Unfortunately and accidentally, there was no cart in the store last week which made it confusing for some to check out and some even lost their diaper simply because of that. I am truly sorry and didn't realize I had made such a huge mistake! However, the cart is installed in the store now and has been tested to work properly.Also, there is a now listing to purchase your fold down rise snaps for smaller babies under 15 pounds. The best way to purchase the snaps is AFTER you buy your diaper, since they are always available. I do not want to charge for these snaps, however, in order to offer them I have to list them for something so that you can let me know if you need them.

For the time being, there will be 10 diapers listed at each stocking. All listings are "hold" type listings where the item will remain in your cart for 10 minutes. If checkout has not completed within that time frame the listing will restock and become available again. There will always be 1 diaper that I like to call the "graffiti" diaper, which is the half print half cotton velour skin with a cute embroidered slogan on the butt. These are more customized and will be slightly more expensive than the rest. There will also always be 1 "Now I lay me down to

My Best Friend and Husband

sleep" night time solution diaper. This diaper consists of cotton velour inner and outer, with a hidden core of heavy bamboo fleece, two snake style soaker systems and one extra insert. These will not snap in as they are meant to lay in based on how you want it to conform to your baby. You may choose the amount of absorbency you prefer and lay them in the way you like them. This one will also be a little more expensive than the rest due to the extra fabric. The other 8 stand alone diapers will be a regular knit or woven print.

As summer approaches and we are always looking for something cool and airy to pair with our diapers without covering it up to show off those cute fluffy bums, a friend of mine Elizabeth Benoit has introduced a solution! In addition to the 10 diapers listed, there will be one pinafore set for girls and one vest set for boys. These will have a matching diaper and some of the larger sizes will have matching bloomers with the pinafores. They will be listed in a variety of sizes fitting a large size range. Soon there will be a size chart available to view in the store for these sets.  In the near future, if these seem to be something that is in high demand we will list more than one of each in the store. The pinafores and vests are reversible and made with Kamsnaps that also match the snaps on the matching diaper. Most pinafores and vests will be woven but there will be times when there will be a knit set.

Future Stockings
For right now, all stockings will be every Wednesday at 8pm Eastern. I realize that not everyone has this time available to stalk the store due to busy schedules. Soon, I will add an alternate stocking time and have a few different types of stockings such as drawings, auctions and random stockings. This will give more people better opportunities to stock the store. Until we get a little more accustomed to the regular stockings, we are just going to keep it simple to see how things go. I encourage you all to watch the videos in the store to understand how to use your SoCos and how they are constructed. I also encourage you all to read the policy and about pages for more helpful information.

How We Do It

My 3 Babies: Gracie, Aubrey and Daniel

Because I have three small children and a household to run, finding spare time is not easy. So how do I have time to manage a small business? Well, for starters, once all of my children are in bed asleep at night is when I get down to business. I usually sew from 8pm until about midnight or 1am every night. Most importantly I have an amazing husband who stands behind this business as his second job. George Kane is my rock, best friend, and the best daddy in the entire world to our three precious babies.  He is very much involved and supportive of my business from cutting out fabric to ordering supplies. We are a team and make all business and household decisions together (two brains are better than one!). He is an excellent businessman who comes from a family of business owners. I am so thankful and blessed to have such an encouraging and loyal husband to make my dreams come true.

Currently I am taking custom orders. I know it may be hard to snag the diaper you want in the store, so custom orders are available. I will only take as many custom orders as I can based on the amount of time I have available. I do not want to take on more than I can handle. Custom orders will be charged based on the type of diaper(s) you want. They will automatically be a few dollars more than the diapers listed in the store because you do not have to stalk these and they are not already made. Embroider will be charged based on what you want. Turn around time for 1-2 custom diapers is 2 weeks. Custom orders will be invoiced via email and must be paid in advance before I start your order. If you would like to purchase a custom, please email me to see if their is availability for customs and to work out the details. Eventually I will list custom slots to purchase in the store.

Facebook For Sale Albums
I will not always have a Facebook For Sale Album. These will be periodic albums that will be announced the week before. There will be a time and date set for when the diapers in the album are for sale and first to comment "Sold paypal address" under the diaper will own the diaper. This album is for Facebook fans only and gives others more chances to purchase a diaper. Once you have received a money request for the diaper you purchased in the facebook album you will have 24 hours to make your payment or it will be re-listed for sale in the album

I am one who absolutely despises paying for shipping and waiting forever for something to ship to me, even when I paid for faster shipping! So as a courtesy of doing other the way I like to be done, all shipping is free and I will strive to do my best to ship as fast as I can because I know you all anxiously await your fluffy mail.

I am only human so therefore I am prepared for the mistakes I am going to make. I know there will come times when something didn't go right, but when that time comes I will do my best to satisfy my customer and fix the problem speedily.

I hope you are happy with the diapers that I sew and that you continue coming back for more fluff for your babies' little bums. I am so excited to be opening this window to a new world of opportunities and experience.

I hope this blog helped answer a lot of questions and inform you a little more about what I am venturing into here. Thank you all for reading and feel free to leave your comments below. Do not hesitate to contact me for any reason.

Best Regards,

The Work Area

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