Sunday, May 27, 2012

No Stocking, New Pattern

After the first successful month of stocking the pattern that I initially made for my girls (Generation I), I have been delighted to that so many of you love my diapers! 

Once many of you began to own my fitted diapers, I started taking notes of some changes that needed to be made in the pattern. 

My husband and I have developed a new pattern. It has the exact same fit idea, but the diaper has a higher rise, longer wings and a completely different soaker system. 

The Generation I diapers will no longer be produced for stockings. The new Generation II diapers will begin stocking on June 6, 2012. The same stocking time will remain right now, 9pm Eastern.

Next week I will post photos of the new pattern compared to the Gen. I pattern on Facebook so that you may see the changes in advance.

The Construction:

Outer Print: Knit, CV or OBV
Hidden Core: Heavy OBF
Touching Inner: CV or OBV

Soaker System: Heavy OBF and CV or OBV

No Zorb II will be used.

1 snake style soaker system with an extra double that can be turned in either direction and snapped in, accommodating boys, girls and new borns. Hidden snaps in soaker system so they never touch baby. The FDR snaps are completely covered when not being used so they never touch baby. Fold Down Rise snaps automatically installed and snap down into place to keep from flapping back up. Overlapping wing span. Fits babies from about 9lbs to about 40lbs, depending on the baby. The overnight solution diaper soaker system will snap in and will come with an extra hemp lay in soaker.

Even though the new Gen. II diaper is 100x improved, tested and larger, the price will remain the same at $28 for the day time fitteds, and $30 for the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep overnight solutions. However, because of the size and weight increase, shipping will be charged starting in June.

There will still be 10 diapers each week that stock. 1-2 Pinafore sets that stock and an occasional vest set.

I am so excited about this revolutionary turn around for SoCo. With the new pattern, you will be very impressed and very happy with your purchase. 

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