Sunday, May 6, 2012

SoCo Custom Orders and The New Fit Details

Custom Orders:

I absolutely love making customs for anyone who wants one. However, because there are so many requests for customs, I don't want to take too many that you are having to wait 6 weeks or so for your diaper(s). I mean, babies are only in diapers for so long! I also don't want to have any miscommunication about terms or payment.

So, I am going to finish up the customs I have right now and not take any more until the May 16 stocking. At the stocking there will be 3 custom slots available. There will only be 3 at a time and once they are completed I will re-list them. They will stay active and not have to wait on the next stocking. So if all three are bought that night, and I finish one the next night, I will restock one of them that night. This way they can be purchased through heynacart on the store website as an actual listing and you can feel confident about your purchase.

Custom diaper listings will have a term of 2 weeks until mailed. They may be finished well before then, but the maximum time for me to make your custom diaper will be 2 weeks. Once it is mailed you will receive your shipping notice with a delivery confirmation number just the same as if you bought an in-stock diaper.

When you purchase your diaper, it is your choice whether you would like to SYOF (send your own fabric) or choose an in stock fabric. After I receive the email that you have bought the listing, I will contact you within 24 hours via email to work out the details.

Your custom diaper can be:

Turned and Top Stitched
Soft style or butterfly elastic
Embroidered - $3 extra
Fold Down Rise Snaps
Now I lay me down to sleep version - $2 extra
Heavy Bamboo Fleece core or Hybrid Core

The New Fit:

After the first stocking, I made some adjustments to the diaper construction. Your Southern Comfort Fitted is now constructed entirely of HEAVY ORGANIC Bamboo Fleece as the hidden core. If any more hybrids stock they will be noted in the listing. After making this change, I also changed the elastic placement in the pattern to make the the diaper fit your babies longer. The diaper now has a much longer wing span and a higher rise. The pattern itself did not change, only the placement of where the elastic is tacked down. It was moved over a half an inch on each end and made a huge difference in the size.

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