Sunday, May 20, 2012

SoCo Updates: The Three Fs

As our 5th stocking approaches, we are improving and updating our diapers each week. Making them fit, function and feel better. Something I like to call the "3 F's". Fit, Function, Feel. 

Fit: Sewing is a learn as you go process. Most improvements I figure out are found by accident. Sometimes I will make a what I think is a mistake, but it actually worked out to be better than before. Each diaper that I make, I take my time and work each one as if it were a piece of art trying to make it perfect for the little baby who will be wearing it. I have changed up a few details in the actual sewing this last week to make each diaper fit around the legs, the waist and the bum more securely and comfortably.

Function: We have neared the end of our supply of Zorb II diamond. As some of you know, Zorb II is unavailable because it is back ordered by so many at Wazoodle (the manufacturer). Our supplier is even waiting on their supply for at least 6 more weeks. In this event, my husband and I have decided that once our stock of Zorb II ends, that we will no longer use it in our soaker system. If you do not know already, our entire diaper is constructed with Certified HEAVY Organic Bamboo Fleece only in the core and soaker petal. No other fabric is used. Since we love the heavy OBF so well for it's quality and absorbency features, we will be constructing the snake style doubler with the heavy OBF. This will still keep the diaper made with all natural fibers so that there is still nothing synthetic about our diapers. 

Feel: After much thought and discussion, George and I have decided to sew mostly cotton knits for the outer print versus using wovens. Because of it's popularity for stretchiness and softness, this seems to be the best decision. Now, please bare in mind that there will still be a few wovens that stock sporadically. Especially some of the pinafore sets, most of those will be woven. If a diaper is constructed with a woven print, it will be noted in the description for that diaper. In addition to going mostly to knits, we will be adding Certified Organic Bamboo Velour to the stockings. In the stockings, there will be a few diapers that have been made with OBV rather than the regular Cotton Velour. OBV is just like CV, but it is slightly softer and silkier. The only real difference in feel is that it is slightly thinner. OBV an all natural fiber, making it antimicrobial and gentler for sensitive skin. 

A few words on custom slots: For the time being, there will only be 3 custom slots. Two of which will be for an in-stock fabric of woven, knit or velour and one will be a SYOF (send your own fabric). These listings will stock in the store once they have been opened back up. They will be stocked with the regular stockings on Wednesday nights if they are open. For each week that there is a custom slot stocked, there will be a coordinating fabric album for that slot only. There will be a link to that album placed in the listing description. Currently there will not be an ongoing album. These listings will be up at least 24 hours before they are live so that you may have time to browse through the fabric choices in the album for that slot before you decide you want to buy the in-stock fabric custom listing. Please remember that custom slots are the ONLY listings that will charge shipping. Shipping for a custom slot is $3.00.

*We hit 5 diaper reviews!  yIn the near future there will be a free diaper drawing for those who have left their reviews of Southern Comfort Fitteds cloth diapers here on the blog. Be sure to on the look out for it!*

I hope you found this information helpful for your future SoCo stalkings and thank you so much for taking a moment to read this quick update. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment box below. Stay tuned next Sunday evening for even more updates. Have a wonderful Sunday! 

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  1. These diapers are now my favorite gift for the new babies in my life!! You do wonderful work!!
    Thank you!! ♥ ♥ ♥