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Welcome and Introduction

Southern Comfort ~ Fitteds
An Introduction

Hello and welcome to Southern Comfort ~ Fitteds! I would like to start out by saying thank you for your business and support. My name is Makayla, married to my best friend and I have 3 amazing children who I love more than anything. My husband and I opened our store on Hyenacart on April 25, 2012 (my birthday). The name Southern Comfort ~ Fitteds comes from the idea that our diapers provide the ultimate "comfort"  down "south" on your baby, and they are all hand sewn in the "south" (Texas). We will only sell fitted diapers, and no other type of diaper in the store. Currently we are stocking 10-15 diapers once a week on Wednesdays, including a few matching sets for boys and girls. My husband, George, and I run our small WAHM business together. 

I sew all diapers myself and my husband plays a huge role in helping with cutting, prepping and ordering fabric and supplies. We are currently in the process of adding an extra set of hands to help out as well. 

About the Diapers

SoCo fitteds are made to fit babies weighing from about 10lbs until about 40lbs depending on the baby. Each diaper has a set of hidden fold down rise snaps installed that can snap down into place on the front of the diaper for the smallest setting. These snaps may also be only folded down for a medium size, or not used at all for the largest size. 

While most diapers will have a right over left style snap closure, occasionally I will make some with a left over right style since both styles are preferred.

These fitted diapers require a cover to be 100% waterproof. However, they are so absorbent that most babies can go hours in them before the outside is even barely damp. These diapers can be worn without covers and just changed after baby has soiled them. Some babies can even keep the shell and just replace the soaker with a new soaker. It is suggested to use a cover for naps, outings a and overnight. 

A regular day time fitted construction:
Outer print: Knit or woven cotton (usually the most in style and in demand prints)
Hidden Core: Heavy organic bamboo fleece (for ultimate absorbency and no leaks)
Touching inner: Cotton or bamboo velour

The soaker system has 2 parts:
Doubler: 1 layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece and 1 layer of regular weight organic bamboo fleece topped with cotton or bamboo velour
Panel: 1 layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece and 1 layer of regular weight organic bamboo fleece topped with cotton or bamboo velour

A Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep:
Outer: Cotton or Bamboo Velour, sometimes printed velour
Hidden Core: Bamboo Hemp Fleece
Touching Inner: Cotton or Bamboo Velour

The soaker system has 3 parts:
Doubler: 1 layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece and 1 layer of regular weight organic bamboo fleece topped with cotton or bamboo velour
Panel: 1 layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece and 1 layer of regular weight organic bamboo fleece topped with cotton or bamboo velour
Second Doubler: 1 layer of hemp terry and 1 layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece

Soaker System Design:
The soaker system is designed to use in the way that fits your baby best. You can use all soakers or take out what you don't need. The panel soaker can be snapped into place in either the front or the back. The doubler can be snapped into the back of the panel soaker if you need it turned in the back and need all soakers.

The extra hemp doubler that comes with your Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep night time solution is a lay in only and can be place wherever you need it in the diaper. The hemp doubler does need to be prepped slightly more than the rest of the diaper in order for it to absorb at it's maximum ability.

All fabric is prepped when it comes through my door in All Free and Clear. It is washed and dried on hot and high twice. All fabric is sewn in a smoke free and outdoor doggy home. Some dark dye velour does have the possibility of tinting other white diapers or white velcro from other diapers. If you bought a diaper with a dark dye (red, black, royal, kelly, etc.) it is best to not prep these with any diaper that it may tint. After you have prepped this diaper well, it is safe to start washing it with all of your diapers.

So How Do You Get One???

The regular day time fitteds are priced at $28 and the night time Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep diapers are priced at $30. Occasionally I will have extra space and time for custom diapers. When those are available, a Send Your Own Fabric custom diaper is priced at $28 and an In-Stock Fabric custom diaper is priced at $30. Custom diapers are priced at this rate because I incorporate your exact wants for your diaper ( snap color, thread color, velour color, anything extra) and that requires extra time and consideration. Stocked diapers are priced according the price of the high quality fabric that goes into each one.

Currently, the only way to buy a diaper is at stocking time in the store on Hyenacart. You will need an account with Hyenacart (which is free) and be logged in in order to make your purchase. Paypal is the only form of payment accepted. Once the store is stocked with new diapers, they will be available at a set time ( usually 9pm EST). Once that time becomes live,  you may then purchase your diaper. The day before the stocking, I will show a few previews of what is new for the week on our Facebook page so that you may see photos of the new diapers. I will make announcements frequently on Facebook regarding stockings and special events. 

Each diaper is made with the best quality and natural fabrics so that your baby has nothing but the best. The type of fabric these diapers are made with allow only natural fibers touching your baby (nothing synthetic), making them breathable and adding the ultimate "comfort" and luxury for your baby. 

For some insight on what others think about the diapers click here or here.

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  1. So far I have 2 of your diaps (a day time & a NILMDS) I am VERY pleased with the fit, quality of fabrics, & quality of sewing (though I wish your overnight came t&t'd). I really appreciate all of the fit and soaker options that come standard with them. I have also been able to use your FDR snaps to combo a fold down AND snap down which is awesome. Great work!