Sunday, July 29, 2012

Coming up in August

Hey everyone! I want to start this blog out by just saying that all of you have been so wonderful in helping me get on my way as a WAHM. These first 4 months have been a lot of trial and error, and I have learned so much from you. I want to continue making positive changes and move in the direction that pleases you the most. I truly appreciate all of your support. I want to reiterate that if for some reason there is any flaw or problem with your diaper that you contact me, as immediately as possible, and I am more than happy to work with you on a solution. I don't want anyone unsatisfied or feel that your money was not well spent.

On that note, there a few changes being made beginning August 1st, 2012. After 4 months of mostly weekly stockings, I have decided that it fits my family's life style best  to have every other week stockings. So until further notice, I will only stock the store every other Wednesday night at 9pm eastern. This will only mean more diapers at each stocking!

Second, there has been some mention of curling wings. I am now completely aware of this fact. I realize some wings don't curl at all, while other wings curl badly. I have made a few adjustments beginning in August to hopefully accommodate this. I have made a tester for myself and so far so good. I know there may be some of you that this does not bother at all, but I realize that perfection is key when it comes to our diapers, right?

Lastly, some babies are too big for a Just Born diaper, while at the same time, too small for the 2nd Generation One Size fitted. Stocking a few Generation 1 patterns at each stocking may come about as I have taken note that this would be something those "in between stages" babies would need. The 1st Generation soaker system will not be used, and has been completely done away with. These diapers will be constructed with the same soaker system used in the 2nd Generation pattern. If this seems to help out, I will try to keep this as an option.

Stalkerazzi Congo will have it's grand opening on August 10th! Stay tuned for previews during that week at  and Here,  Diaper Donks, The Diaper Addict, Bouncy Bums, Coco's Fluff and SoCo collaborate to have a once a month stocking of truly amazing hand crafted diapers. We have already begun working on these and you will not believe what we have planned!

There will be 2 diaper giveaways announced on August 8th. The photo who received the most likes during July's Cover Photo Contest and a reviewer from any place that you can leave a review of a Southern Comfort Fitted.

Please feel free to leave your comments or questions below! The next stocking is August 8, 2012 at 9pm EST here:


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