Monday, July 2, 2012

July Events

July holds some exciting events for SoCo so I would like to take a minute to explain those to you here.

Cover Photo Contest: Get those SoCo's OTB (on the bum) photos up on the page this month! Each week I will randomly choose a photo for the cover photo on Facebook. These photos will be changed each Monday. They will stay up for one week for everyone to click "like" and vote on their favorite one. At the end of the month, the cover photo with the most likes will get a free custom diaper! If this works out to be something fun, we will continue this each month, this month is a trial month! 

Reviewers Giveaway:For another giveaway opportunity, this month only, I am going to compile a list of everyone who has written a review SOMEWHERE (HC, the BLOG, the FB notes survey, etc.) and give each of you a number. will choose a winner for a free diaper giveaway! So get those reviews in!

SoCo's Just Born newborn fitteds: Testers will stock the first week of July at a "tester" price. Those of you who purchase these will be emailed a survey to fill out. After the changes have been made, Just Born's will continue at each stocking.

New Style Pinny's with matching Hybrid Fitteds: This month we will be stocking brand new ruffled and tied pinafores and halters that have matching Hybrid fitteds. The matching fitteds used to be regular, but we are making them Hybrids  (hidden layer of polyester fleece which allows the outside of the diaper to stay slightly dryer longer) so that the adorable handmade outfit will can last longer on. These will start stocking in the second week of July.

July's highlighted Prints: Indigo Onion and Mustaches: These will be incorporated randomly throughout July so be on the look out for some swirl dye organic bamboo velour and the ever so popular mustache print.

Reopening Customs: I know many of you are wondering about a customs list. The customs list is currently closed. Customs will reopen on July 25th with listings in the store. There will be 20 spots available. Once they are full, it will close again. Stay tuned for more info.

Please feel free to comment with any questions!

Thanks so much,

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  1. I can't wait to see what you put the Indigo Onion together with!!! I'm so wanting one!!! Now just need to decide WHICH Soco diaper to use for the pics!!!

  2. Can't wait to join in on customs!!