Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Improvements and Updates

I would like to start out by listing a few changes taking place to the diapers:

*An additional layer of hemp will be added to the doubler for added absorbency
*Most serged diapers and all soaker systems will be serged in soft woolly nylon rather than polyester thread
*Beginning in September, the 2 front snaps that hold the fold down rise into place will be optional, but not installed by default
*You may see more wovens stocking, as I am finding the love for HTF, nice quality, designer wovens

With these changes, I would like to remind you of the construction of a Southern Comfort Fitted:

Outer Print: Knit, Woven, Velour, Fleece

Hidden Core: Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece

Touching Inner: Cotton or Organic Bamboo Velour

A traditional SoCo Fitted is not a hybrid, which means it is NOT made with polyester fleece in the hidden core. Because it is made with quality organic bamboo fleece, the cost of supplies are greater than a hybrid diaper. This is the determination behind the $28 price set. 

That being said, the cost of each diaper will increase by $1 to accommodate the new improvements. This will begin at the August 31 stocking.

If a hybrid is stocked, it will be specified in the listing's description. Hybrids are available to request in a custom order.

A Word On Knits:

Throughout the last year, I have learned so many facts about fabric. One in particular, knits. After some experience with the different types of jerseys, ribs, interlocks, spandex, lycras, etc. there are some knits that hold up better than others. As I continue stocking diapers, fabric choices for the outer print will be better researched as to provide you the best, durable, and most sustainable prints. If a knit is too thin or may pill or fade within the first wash, these factors will be determined before hand and not used to make a diaper that will be sold in the store. 

Thank you all so much for sticking with me and for your support as I try to make your baby the best diaper possible.

Any comments are welcomed!
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