Friday, October 26, 2012




* In order to enter ANY drawing at this stocking you MUST "like" the facebook page first

*  ALL diapers are complete with the new test approved improvements:
      -14 panel/10 fdr snaps
      - Narrowed wings
      - hidden elastic casing
      - longer elastic placement
      - bamboo doubler
      - improved fit
Please see the previous blog regarding all diaper changes and improvements in further detail.

* Hybrids: The hybrids being stocked do not have a new Hybrid tag yet. These are on the way to me now and wil be here shortly. If you wish to hold your diaper with me as a pre-order until the tags arrive and are sewn on please notify me as quickly as possible, other wise you will not have a new tag. PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE WORD "HYBRID" IN THE TITLE OF THE LISTING TO KNOW WHETHER THAT DIAPER IS A HYBRID OR A FITTED.

* Proxy entering drawings are strictly not allowed. I will not send mail to anyone other than the actual winner. If the winner has proxy entered for someone else they will automatically be disqualified and I will choose a different random winner by choice. There is too much extra time/work involved in finding the rightful winner with proxy entering.

* Drawings for the giveaways will open up Monday at 2pm EST and END Tuesday at 2:10PM EST (24 hour window)

* HUMAN CHECK will be installed at this stocking and at all future stockings. Due to programs mechanically carting multiple diapers and multiple IP addresses entering drawings there has been too many glitches/viruses in the system. You cannot purchase or win a drawing unless you are human.

* DIBS: if you are current with a dibs pass, PLEASE check with me regarding the listing you want to use your dibs pass for as it may or may not be used for certain items at this particular Special Rainbow Stocking.

* Insurance is offered from here on out. I STRONGLY suggest buying insurance to protect your purchase so that you may be reimbursed due to the increase in fluff mail theft

* MEASUREMENTS for all collabs are detailed in the listings themselves, PLEASE be sure to know what they are before you purchase your listing so you do not have any regrets for sizing issues

* DON'T FORGET: ONE diaper at this stocking will have a special star snap that is BLUE and HIDDEN. That person who gets that diaper, gets a free dibs pass to purchase the diaper of their choice at the next stocking.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Diaper Improvements

The next stocking is Wednesday, October 10, 2012. Previews will be Wednesday morning and the stocking will be at 9pm Eastern Standard. There will be a few new diaper/hat costumes debuting! You do NOT want to miss these! I had hoped for a 30 diaper stocking, however, only 20 will stock this week.


As most of you know, Southern Comfort only stocks all natural fitteds. There has been an increased demand in polyester fleece hybrid fitteds. You will be pleased to know that SoCo will keep the all natural fitteds and add the Hybrids to stockings as well. Hybrids and Fitteds will be determined in the title of the diaper so that you know which kind it is. I feel it is important to reach out and please as many customers as possible.

Improvement #1:

The front panel of the diaper has been altered for shape improvement. The photo below shows the congruency and new shape.

Improvement #2:

The elastic in the leg casings have been lengthened. This adds for a longer rise and better fit. You can see the comparison below. The red velour diaper has the lengthened elastic, the aqua diaper has the previous elastic length. One inch has been added.

Improvement #3:

Elastic tacking is no longer visible, and creates a a cleaner look. Hidden tacking is now the new procedure for elastic placement. This allows the diaper to look nicer and no loose threads are bare.

Improvement #4:

Almost completely undetectable closures. The closing up of the diaper to be turned is not an easy task. I have worked to make it as perfect as possible to make the diaper look as best as it can.

Improvement #4:

Soaker system changes. The doubler no longer is topped with a matching velour. Instead, it is now 2 layers of bamboo with one layer of hemp sandwiched between. This allows for an extreme amount of more absorbency. The panel soaker will still be topped with coordinating velour or those who only want the velour touching baby. See photos below for the new soaker system.

Velour still lays on top

Completely maximized absorbency 

Even when turned around, velour still lays on top

These new improvements will not increase the price. Price chart remains the same until further notice.
Not all diapers will hold the new improvements at the next stocking, but each stocking following all diapers will have the new improvements.

Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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