Friday, October 26, 2012




* In order to enter ANY drawing at this stocking you MUST "like" the facebook page first

*  ALL diapers are complete with the new test approved improvements:
      -14 panel/10 fdr snaps
      - Narrowed wings
      - hidden elastic casing
      - longer elastic placement
      - bamboo doubler
      - improved fit
Please see the previous blog regarding all diaper changes and improvements in further detail.

* Hybrids: The hybrids being stocked do not have a new Hybrid tag yet. These are on the way to me now and wil be here shortly. If you wish to hold your diaper with me as a pre-order until the tags arrive and are sewn on please notify me as quickly as possible, other wise you will not have a new tag. PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE WORD "HYBRID" IN THE TITLE OF THE LISTING TO KNOW WHETHER THAT DIAPER IS A HYBRID OR A FITTED.

* Proxy entering drawings are strictly not allowed. I will not send mail to anyone other than the actual winner. If the winner has proxy entered for someone else they will automatically be disqualified and I will choose a different random winner by choice. There is too much extra time/work involved in finding the rightful winner with proxy entering.

* Drawings for the giveaways will open up Monday at 2pm EST and END Tuesday at 2:10PM EST (24 hour window)

* HUMAN CHECK will be installed at this stocking and at all future stockings. Due to programs mechanically carting multiple diapers and multiple IP addresses entering drawings there has been too many glitches/viruses in the system. You cannot purchase or win a drawing unless you are human.

* DIBS: if you are current with a dibs pass, PLEASE check with me regarding the listing you want to use your dibs pass for as it may or may not be used for certain items at this particular Special Rainbow Stocking.

* Insurance is offered from here on out. I STRONGLY suggest buying insurance to protect your purchase so that you may be reimbursed due to the increase in fluff mail theft

* MEASUREMENTS for all collabs are detailed in the listings themselves, PLEASE be sure to know what they are before you purchase your listing so you do not have any regrets for sizing issues

* DON'T FORGET: ONE diaper at this stocking will have a special star snap that is BLUE and HIDDEN. That person who gets that diaper, gets a free dibs pass to purchase the diaper of their choice at the next stocking.

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