Sunday, December 30, 2012

January Booty Buddies Co-Op

Okay here we go! I hope you have all been waiting for this as much as I have :) Here is how it will work:

- On Friday January 11, I will announce in the BST page when I will post the thread to sign up. It will be that day but you will get plenty of notice of when to be back in order to get your name on the list because I am only going to take 15 people this time to see how this goes.

- The first 15 people to comment will be obligated to their part in cooperating with me in placing their order. If someone backs out I can't replace them so be sure you are committed when you enter. These 15 people will be given a link to a form to fill out. Each person can only order up to 3 pair of Booty Buddies maximum up to size 12

-I will provide you with the fabric choices in advance before you sign up so everyone knows the fabric possibilities to choose from that way you can decide if you want to try to sign up or not. There will be 3 boy prints and 3 girl prints. You will also be able to choose your waistband and leg cuffs.

- The price of one pair of Booty Buddies is $10 up to size 6. $12 per pair from size 7-12. The sizes to choose from are 2T- 12. Shipping will be separate but included in your invoice.

- The co-op will be from January 14-January 31. I will invoice the first 5 people who signed up first. First to pay will be made first. I will do one person's order per day per week during those 3 weeks. So remember first come first serve when it comes to fabric availability, the quicker you fill out your form and the quicker you make your payment the better chance you have.

- If this goes smooth and easily on my end and yours, I will do this again if the demand is there.

Thank you and I can't wait to do this! This will not interfere with stocking schedules. And there will be a stocking every Wednesday this month.

~ Makayla
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