Monday, November 18, 2013

November Announcements

Well it has been a few months since a blog post  was published with updates, but i will try not to bore you to death with a super long post ;)

CALVIN: I'd like to take a quick moment to introduce the newest (and last but not least) 6th member of our little family, Calvin. Born November 5 weighting 10.6 pounds and 21 inches.  A super awesome baby boy completes our family of 2 girls and 2 boys (we chose not to find out the sex of the baby during pregnancy).  

I'd also like to announce the winner of the gender guesser contest, Sabra Kendall, winner of a free surprise print diaper for participating.

CALENDARS: The 2014 Soco Babies Calendar winners have been chosen, the calendar created, and ordered. It is due to arrive November 29 and all winners will be receiving a free calendar. All entrants will receive a gift from me via email and the cover photo winner will receive all 3 prizes of a calendar, email gift and a free in-stock fabric custom diaper. This is the event for the 2K fan giveaway as my Christmas gift to you for your commitment to my business. 

RDIA: I'd like announce that Southern Comfort Fitteds has been sponsored as a member of the Real Diaper Industry Association (RDIA). A trade association for cloth diapering manufacturers, retailers, artisans and diaper services. This is an industry that will help SoCo stay up to date with compliancy, attend conferences to optimize the business and stay informed with all the knowledge needed to stay successful and compliant. I am so excited to be a part of this group. Being a part of this group allows me to help my customers as best as I can.

STOCKING: I know you are all anxious to know when I will be stocking again. The next stocking is planned for January 1. Stockings will be every other week next year. Including: guest vendoring in other congos, wholesaling to retailers, and stocking a bunch of accessory goodies on etsy.

GROUP CUSTOMS: The SoCo Summer Workshop is currently closed so that I amy finish up 2013 groups. The workshop will reopen for new group formation January 1. Drawings will occur twice a month.  Workshop 

CUSTOMS: I know everyone LOVES custom diapers! Soooo, that being said, also on January 1, I will be opening an ongoing customs list in the BST where you may place your custom order with a SYOF or In stock fabric. All of the details will be posted in the BST January 1.  BST

ETSY: Etsy is due to reopen this Friday, November 22. Listings will slowly go up one week at a time. This weeks listings planned are nursing pads, and the windpro and polartec pants (a wool alternative)....drum roll name announcements: SoCozies! These will be made to order for now and beginning next year I will have some in stock ready to ship. Etsy

Danielle Walker is the winner of the choosing the name for our new wool alternative! She wins a free pair!

SCratchoffs: What is more fun than scoring an awesome diaper at stocking?? Not much right? Well, next year, at every stocking, I am going to randomly choose 1-2 orders from each stocking that I will stick a SCratchoff ticket inside. These tickets will have something fun under the scratch off. It could be:
a discount code
a free shipping code
a free diaper!
a free anything! 

So be sure to check your packages really well when you get your diaper from stocking to see if you are a winner with a scratch off ticket! This is going to be so much fun next year! These will be given out at EVERY stocking! 

STAY DRY WICKING JERSEY CHANGE: As mentioned before in the BST, the supplier I was using for the stay dry jersey no longer carries what I've been buying. So I am making the switch to pro cool wicking jersey in white, which can be found here if you'd like to take a look and see what will be used from now on in your diapers.

That's it for now folks! I promised I wouldn't talk your ear off so I will save the rest for another blog.


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Friday, July 26, 2013

2K Fans SoCo Babies 2014 Calendar Event!

WOW 2,000 FANS!!!

The SoCo team (George Kane (labeled CEO),  Ed Kane (Investor), Admins/Testers: Annelise Pyne and Elizabeth Benoit, studio helpers Dolores Kane and Savanna Ogden) and I want to start out by personally thanking each of one of you for your continued support this last year. If it weren't for you the business wouldn't be where it is today. So I appreciate you all and hope to continue on this path. 

To Celebrate this milestone, we will commence the very first production of the 2014 SoCo Babies Calendar! Where each winner receives a free 2014 Calendar! This is a photo contest for the months of January through December. Here is how it works:

1. Choose the month you would like to depict your photo of (January - December). Create the scene and take your photographs. Please only submit one photo. Your photo must include the following:

-your baby
-your baby wearing a Southern Comfort Fitteds diaper or clothing itme with the brand shown as clearly as possible
-No added texts to the photo

2. Email your photo to along with the following information:
Mailing address
Month you are depicting
Your statement allowing Southern Comfort Fitteds to use your photo on the internet and published in a calendar

3. Photos will be accepted through email only from August 1 through September 1, 2013.

4. Photos will be judged by a panel and 13 photos will be chosen based on creativity and effort by points . The photo with the most points will be the grand prize winner and will be on the cover of the calendar and will also win a free custom diaper. 

5. The 2014 SoCo Babies Calendar will be designed by the SoCo team and and completed and ordered by Mid-October. Once the calendar is completely designed, a copy will be placed on facebook so that winners will be revealed.

6. Each winner will receive a copy of the calendar for free in the mail after it arrives to the studio.

A Few Other Announcements:

I have been dealing with a pregnancy induced infection that has kept me away from the studio a little too much lately as well as waiting on a roll of bamboo to come in. The July 31st stocking will be postponed as I would like it to be a full stocking with lots of goodies!

The College Football Fantasy Diaper Teams will open in the workshop beginning next week.  All of the info will be posted in a file in that group. So if you want to get your teams diaper in before the season starts be sure to join!

I have a new line of diapers coming out this stay tuned for something truly wonderful for your little bums coming soon!

~ Makayla
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Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Updates and News

Summer Stocking Dates

July 5th (accessories stocking)
July 31 (featuring the opening stocking of Weegabugs clothing)

August 28

Weekly stockings will return in September.

Summer Workshop

Between summer stockings, the workshop for SYOF group custom diapers and clothing will be open and running. Anyone can join and anyone can start a group here:

Note: this is a perfect opportunity to get a custom diaper as I will not be stocking individual custom slots any time soon. 2Tones (see below) and NILMDS (now I lay me down to sleep night time diapers) are currently unavailable for groups. Group specifications may change during the course of progress.

2,000 Facebook Fans!!

We are nearing another milestone very soon! I am anxious to do something really fun to celebrate. Comment below with your unique ideas so I can incorporate them into the celebration and give the fans what they want.

Dearest Diapers Stocking

The 2nd quarterly diaper shipment to Dearest Diapers has been produced and will be in 

Fitteds Update

True fitteds will always stock and be available at Southern Comfort ~ Fitteds. However, because true fitteds are made with a hidden layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece, that fabric is 3x the cost of the polyester fleece in hybrids. You will notice at stockings or for customs that true fitteds will cost $1 more than the hybrid in that print. True fitteds absorb more fluid weight than hybrids, but hybrids push the fluid weight back into the soaker system keeping the outside dryer longer. They both have positive qualities, but everyone has their own style and preferences. 


2Tones are dual cotton or bamboo velour colored diapers. 2 complimentary colors. These diapers will begin making their appearance at every stocking in different colorways each time. 2Tones are super plush and 2x more absorbent than regular knit diapers. Price for these are:

$31 for Hybrids, $32 for Fitteds sized 1 and 2
$21 for Hybrids, $22 for Fitteds sized Just Born

Just Born Soaker System

The Just Born (newborn diaper) soaker system is currently being slightly enlarged. No other changes will be made. They will still come with the sherpa booster and meconium liner will still be available for purchase separately.

And last but not least, the newest addition to the Kane family will be joining us on Halloween! We are so excited to welcome our 4th and final love in to our lives. We have opted not to find out the sex until he or she makes his or her grande entry. No changes will be made to the business and updates will be provided after the baby arrives. 

Be sure to "follow" this blog by clicking the "follow" button below to get the latest news and updates.

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Friday, April 5, 2013



1 YEAR OLD ON APRIL 25, 2013

Which means a birthday stocking is in production!! I have the most amazing stocking planned for the birthday. Stick around to find out!
Anniversary stocking will include but not limited to:
several collaborations
customs spots
vintage prints
imports and out of production and rare prints
a brand new item

In addition to a birthday stocking, we are also hosting a photo contest beginning today!
If you have not already joined the Buy/Sell/Trade and Chatter page be sure to do so to keep up with the contest. Here is what you need to know in order to win:

Southern Comfort~Fitteds Anniversary Photo Contest
Time Frame: April 5, 2013- April 23, 2013 at 12pm est. Winner to be announced on the anniversary stocking date of April 25, 2013.
Rules: Each member is allowed one entry per child. No early OR late entries will be allowed. Photo must have the child wearing a Southern Comfort~ Fitteds diaper (fitted, hybrid, newborn, inbetweeners or OS all allowed as long as it is SoCo!). Photo is to be emailed to admin Annelise Pyne at with subject line “SoCo anniversary photo contest”. Please comment on this post when you have submitted both an email with the photo AND submitted the release form. Check back that you have been tagged on this post that your entry was accepted. Please DO NOT post your image to the official Southern Comfort~fitteds facebook page or B/S/T wall. *Note- when a photo is submitted, you must virtually sign a consent of release of the image to Southern Comfort~ Fitteds allowing it to be posted on the official Southern Comfort~ Fitteds facebook page, Hyena Cart shop, SoCo B/S/T and the Southern Comfort~ Fitteds blog. Any image that is not accompanied by a release will not be included in the contest. Consent form is found here:
Judging: Three secret judges have previously been selected. Each judge will rate each photo awarding points for each catagory; Creativity (and image quality: focus, lighting, balance)- up to 20 points, Display of brand- up to 10 points, Use of props- up to 10 points, and Judges appeal up to 10 points.**Please note that creativity is a top priority and may also effect the points awarded in Judges appeal catagory!**
Prizes: TWO prizes will be awarded. First prize winner is determined solely by the judges and will be awarded a FREE custom diaper in any in-stock fabric or SYOF. Winner will choose fabric, T&T or serged, size, soaker type (CV or comfort-dri), snap color and inner color. A second prize of store credit will be awarded to a “Fan Favorite”. At close of contest, ALL images submitted will be posted in an album with each photo published with the child’s first name, age and diaper style on the official Southern Comfort~ Fitteds Facebook page. Each Facebook member is allowed to vote for as many photos as they choose. Voting will begin immediately as the album is published and will CLOSE April 25, 2013 at the time of stocking.
Any questions can be submitted via email to as well.


As I continue to stock weekly, I will not be offering any more customs for a while. So your best chance to grab a custom is to enter any contests or stick around to find out what is stocking at the anniversary stocking *wink wink*

Even though I will not be offering customs until further notice, I will however continue weekly stockings on hyenacart, monthly stockings with Stalkerazzi Congo, and quarterly stockings with Dearest Diapers as well as offer a few co-ops and monthly SYOF mini-groups throughout the year.


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Sunday, March 3, 2013

More upgrades and New Stocking Times

Hey Guys!! 

I wanted to take a quick minute and touch a little bit on the Just Born sized diaper. I want to remind you all that this diaper was made small enough so that it can be one of those that you pack in your hospital bag and put on your baby right after birth (around 5 lbs) and big enough to last up to 12 pounds (about 8-10 weeks old). Because this diaper was designed for the hospital stay, I just recently added a meconium liner so that you can protect your diaper during those first hours with your little one. The meconium liner is also reversible to a staydry liner if your baby needs something to keep dryer. 

New Meconium/StayDry Liner

Newborn 7lbs

Same baby, Same diaper, 8 weeks old, 11pounds

Now that it is March, stockings will be taking place almost every Wednesday and they will be 20 diaper stockings with various undies, shirts and the newest nursing pads. With spring break right around the corner, that week may be interrupted for a regular stocking but stay tuned. Also, Stalkerazzi Congo will be stocking March 22 with guest vendor The Knotty Babe with a Newborn Themed stocking. You do not want to miss it this month! 

I have a teeny tiny neato surprise in the works, looks a little like a keychain, but it's not. Keep your eye out for something fun!

Yep! That's right, a shipment of Southern Comfort Fitteds will be on it's way to Dearest Diapers and stocking right there in the store! Be sure to go like the DD facebook page to stay tuned for when they will be up for grabs !!

Windpro diapers are in high demand. You will be happy to know that a batch of quality Wind Pro fleece from Seattle Fabrics is on the way and will be stocking regularly with a nice new fluffy soaker system.

If you are reading this blog, and you are reading this sentence, comment with your favorite announcement so far and your name and email in the comment section below and I will draw a winner on Friday March 8 for a FREE custom.

A new size 1 diaper is in the works and being tested. This may lead to be the most stocked size. More details to come.

Coming soon but not forgotten! Looking for the right time and fabric. Are you still interested?? Comment below and let me know.

Look for more blogs coming up in March!

Have a wonderful evening!

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Coming up in February 2013


The next stocking is will be the last day of the month on Thursday January 31st. Time TBA. There will be ONE slot at the stocking for a SYOF Mini-Group. 

Mini-Group Rules:
3 people, 3 Diapers, 3 Different addresses
1 yard of fabric
I will need a DC# within 7 days for the fabric being mailed
The price of the slot will be HALF the cost of 3 diapers
The remaining half will be invoiced along with shipping
I need all 3 people's names and paypal sent to me within 24 hours upon purchase of the slot
Diapers will be mailed within 3 weeks AFTER I receive your fabric
That's it!!!


January 27 postage will increase
You will notice an increase in shipping rates in the store
For more information you can find it here : 

USPS shipping increase

The All New Comfort-Dri Fitted/Hybrid

Starting February 2013, at stockings you will see a handful of diapers listed as Comfort-Dri. These diapers have the panel soaker topped with stay-dry wicking jersey rather than matching velour. These are made specifically for those babies who are super sensitive to wet velour. Be sure to read the title of the diapers at stockings to decipher whether the diaper is regular or Comfort-Dri. All other components of the diaper remain the same as a regular SoCo.

Breast Pads

Custom breast pads will be available with the current accessories listed. You can order as many as you want in practically any print or fabric in the book. They will be listed at $3.00 a pair. (HTF, rainbows, re-prints, minky, flannel, etc.)


As I continue to stalk monthly with Stalkerazzi Congo, Mandie Evans with Yiddle Doppers and Kristen Martinez with CJs Fluff are now permanent members and will be stocking monthly with us! These momma's make amazing diapers as I know from experience with them in my own personal stash.

***NEXT CO-OP***

The Booty Buddies co-op has gone very well. Nice and smooth. I have had lots of inquiries as to whether it will be held again. The answer, YES! However!!! I am going to raise the stakes a bit! At the next one, it will be a shirt/undies set co-op. Here are the guidelines:

Fabric: Blue and Cream Pigs Can Fly/Pink and Blue Impossible Love
Up to 2 complete sets per person
Maximim 15 people
3 week period
Once fabric is received is when co-op will initiate (probably mid-late February)
$25.00 per set

THAT'S IT FOLKS! Please feel free to leave your comments below :)


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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Re-Introducting "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep"

Re-introducing the return of the new and improved night time diaper, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep aka NILMDS!


Cute Print Polyester Fleece
Polyester fleece hidden core
Cotton velour touching inner

A regular soaker system is automatically installed
One matching print fleece liner backed with fleece or windpro fleece
One bamboo/hemp booster

Lasts up to 14 hours without changing 

Fleece print outer, plus the normal soaker system

Windpro backed fleece liner and bamboo/hemp booster

Booster sandwiches between the doubler

Fleece liner can be laid anywhere you like

double sided snap will be installed on these as well


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