Sunday, March 3, 2013

More upgrades and New Stocking Times

Hey Guys!! 

I wanted to take a quick minute and touch a little bit on the Just Born sized diaper. I want to remind you all that this diaper was made small enough so that it can be one of those that you pack in your hospital bag and put on your baby right after birth (around 5 lbs) and big enough to last up to 12 pounds (about 8-10 weeks old). Because this diaper was designed for the hospital stay, I just recently added a meconium liner so that you can protect your diaper during those first hours with your little one. The meconium liner is also reversible to a staydry liner if your baby needs something to keep dryer. 

New Meconium/StayDry Liner

Newborn 7lbs

Same baby, Same diaper, 8 weeks old, 11pounds

Now that it is March, stockings will be taking place almost every Wednesday and they will be 20 diaper stockings with various undies, shirts and the newest nursing pads. With spring break right around the corner, that week may be interrupted for a regular stocking but stay tuned. Also, Stalkerazzi Congo will be stocking March 22 with guest vendor The Knotty Babe with a Newborn Themed stocking. You do not want to miss it this month! 

I have a teeny tiny neato surprise in the works, looks a little like a keychain, but it's not. Keep your eye out for something fun!

Yep! That's right, a shipment of Southern Comfort Fitteds will be on it's way to Dearest Diapers and stocking right there in the store! Be sure to go like the DD facebook page to stay tuned for when they will be up for grabs !!

Windpro diapers are in high demand. You will be happy to know that a batch of quality Wind Pro fleece from Seattle Fabrics is on the way and will be stocking regularly with a nice new fluffy soaker system.

If you are reading this blog, and you are reading this sentence, comment with your favorite announcement so far and your name and email in the comment section below and I will draw a winner on Friday March 8 for a FREE custom.

A new size 1 diaper is in the works and being tested. This may lead to be the most stocked size. More details to come.

Coming soon but not forgotten! Looking for the right time and fabric. Are you still interested?? Comment below and let me know.

Look for more blogs coming up in March!

Have a wonderful evening!

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