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1 YEAR OLD ON APRIL 25, 2013

Which means a birthday stocking is in production!! I have the most amazing stocking planned for the birthday. Stick around to find out!
Anniversary stocking will include but not limited to:
several collaborations
customs spots
vintage prints
imports and out of production and rare prints
a brand new item

In addition to a birthday stocking, we are also hosting a photo contest beginning today!
If you have not already joined the Buy/Sell/Trade and Chatter page be sure to do so to keep up with the contest. Here is what you need to know in order to win:

Southern Comfort~Fitteds Anniversary Photo Contest
Time Frame: April 5, 2013- April 23, 2013 at 12pm est. Winner to be announced on the anniversary stocking date of April 25, 2013.
Rules: Each member is allowed one entry per child. No early OR late entries will be allowed. Photo must have the child wearing a Southern Comfort~ Fitteds diaper (fitted, hybrid, newborn, inbetweeners or OS all allowed as long as it is SoCo!). Photo is to be emailed to admin Annelise Pyne at with subject line “SoCo anniversary photo contest”. Please comment on this post when you have submitted both an email with the photo AND submitted the release form. Check back that you have been tagged on this post that your entry was accepted. Please DO NOT post your image to the official Southern Comfort~fitteds facebook page or B/S/T wall. *Note- when a photo is submitted, you must virtually sign a consent of release of the image to Southern Comfort~ Fitteds allowing it to be posted on the official Southern Comfort~ Fitteds facebook page, Hyena Cart shop, SoCo B/S/T and the Southern Comfort~ Fitteds blog. Any image that is not accompanied by a release will not be included in the contest. Consent form is found here:
Judging: Three secret judges have previously been selected. Each judge will rate each photo awarding points for each catagory; Creativity (and image quality: focus, lighting, balance)- up to 20 points, Display of brand- up to 10 points, Use of props- up to 10 points, and Judges appeal up to 10 points.**Please note that creativity is a top priority and may also effect the points awarded in Judges appeal catagory!**
Prizes: TWO prizes will be awarded. First prize winner is determined solely by the judges and will be awarded a FREE custom diaper in any in-stock fabric or SYOF. Winner will choose fabric, T&T or serged, size, soaker type (CV or comfort-dri), snap color and inner color. A second prize of store credit will be awarded to a “Fan Favorite”. At close of contest, ALL images submitted will be posted in an album with each photo published with the child’s first name, age and diaper style on the official Southern Comfort~ Fitteds Facebook page. Each Facebook member is allowed to vote for as many photos as they choose. Voting will begin immediately as the album is published and will CLOSE April 25, 2013 at the time of stocking.
Any questions can be submitted via email to as well.


As I continue to stock weekly, I will not be offering any more customs for a while. So your best chance to grab a custom is to enter any contests or stick around to find out what is stocking at the anniversary stocking *wink wink*

Even though I will not be offering customs until further notice, I will however continue weekly stockings on hyenacart, monthly stockings with Stalkerazzi Congo, and quarterly stockings with Dearest Diapers as well as offer a few co-ops and monthly SYOF mini-groups throughout the year.


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