Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Updates and News

Summer Stocking Dates

July 5th (accessories stocking)
July 31 (featuring the opening stocking of Weegabugs clothing)

August 28

Weekly stockings will return in September.

Summer Workshop

Between summer stockings, the workshop for SYOF group custom diapers and clothing will be open and running. Anyone can join and anyone can start a group here:

Note: this is a perfect opportunity to get a custom diaper as I will not be stocking individual custom slots any time soon. 2Tones (see below) and NILMDS (now I lay me down to sleep night time diapers) are currently unavailable for groups. Group specifications may change during the course of progress.

2,000 Facebook Fans!!

We are nearing another milestone very soon! I am anxious to do something really fun to celebrate. Comment below with your unique ideas so I can incorporate them into the celebration and give the fans what they want.

Dearest Diapers Stocking

The 2nd quarterly diaper shipment to Dearest Diapers has been produced and will be in 

Fitteds Update

True fitteds will always stock and be available at Southern Comfort ~ Fitteds. However, because true fitteds are made with a hidden layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece, that fabric is 3x the cost of the polyester fleece in hybrids. You will notice at stockings or for customs that true fitteds will cost $1 more than the hybrid in that print. True fitteds absorb more fluid weight than hybrids, but hybrids push the fluid weight back into the soaker system keeping the outside dryer longer. They both have positive qualities, but everyone has their own style and preferences. 


2Tones are dual cotton or bamboo velour colored diapers. 2 complimentary colors. These diapers will begin making their appearance at every stocking in different colorways each time. 2Tones are super plush and 2x more absorbent than regular knit diapers. Price for these are:

$31 for Hybrids, $32 for Fitteds sized 1 and 2
$21 for Hybrids, $22 for Fitteds sized Just Born

Just Born Soaker System

The Just Born (newborn diaper) soaker system is currently being slightly enlarged. No other changes will be made. They will still come with the sherpa booster and meconium liner will still be available for purchase separately.

And last but not least, the newest addition to the Kane family will be joining us on Halloween! We are so excited to welcome our 4th and final love in to our lives. We have opted not to find out the sex until he or she makes his or her grande entry. No changes will be made to the business and updates will be provided after the baby arrives. 

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  1. Yay! Many congratulations! Pumpkin babies are great! (DS2 is a 10/28 pumpkin butt!)