Friday, July 26, 2013

2K Fans SoCo Babies 2014 Calendar Event!

WOW 2,000 FANS!!!

The SoCo team (George Kane (labeled CEO),  Ed Kane (Investor), Admins/Testers: Annelise Pyne and Elizabeth Benoit, studio helpers Dolores Kane and Savanna Ogden) and I want to start out by personally thanking each of one of you for your continued support this last year. If it weren't for you the business wouldn't be where it is today. So I appreciate you all and hope to continue on this path. 

To Celebrate this milestone, we will commence the very first production of the 2014 SoCo Babies Calendar! Where each winner receives a free 2014 Calendar! This is a photo contest for the months of January through December. Here is how it works:

1. Choose the month you would like to depict your photo of (January - December). Create the scene and take your photographs. Please only submit one photo. Your photo must include the following:

-your baby
-your baby wearing a Southern Comfort Fitteds diaper or clothing itme with the brand shown as clearly as possible
-No added texts to the photo

2. Email your photo to along with the following information:
Mailing address
Month you are depicting
Your statement allowing Southern Comfort Fitteds to use your photo on the internet and published in a calendar

3. Photos will be accepted through email only from August 1 through September 1, 2013.

4. Photos will be judged by a panel and 13 photos will be chosen based on creativity and effort by points . The photo with the most points will be the grand prize winner and will be on the cover of the calendar and will also win a free custom diaper. 

5. The 2014 SoCo Babies Calendar will be designed by the SoCo team and and completed and ordered by Mid-October. Once the calendar is completely designed, a copy will be placed on facebook so that winners will be revealed.

6. Each winner will receive a copy of the calendar for free in the mail after it arrives to the studio.

A Few Other Announcements:

I have been dealing with a pregnancy induced infection that has kept me away from the studio a little too much lately as well as waiting on a roll of bamboo to come in. The July 31st stocking will be postponed as I would like it to be a full stocking with lots of goodies!

The College Football Fantasy Diaper Teams will open in the workshop beginning next week.  All of the info will be posted in a file in that group. So if you want to get your teams diaper in before the season starts be sure to join!

I have a new line of diapers coming out this stay tuned for something truly wonderful for your little bums coming soon!

~ Makayla
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