Monday, November 18, 2013

November Announcements

Well it has been a few months since a blog post  was published with updates, but i will try not to bore you to death with a super long post ;)

CALVIN: I'd like to take a quick moment to introduce the newest (and last but not least) 6th member of our little family, Calvin. Born November 5 weighting 10.6 pounds and 21 inches.  A super awesome baby boy completes our family of 2 girls and 2 boys (we chose not to find out the sex of the baby during pregnancy).  

I'd also like to announce the winner of the gender guesser contest, Sabra Kendall, winner of a free surprise print diaper for participating.

CALENDARS: The 2014 Soco Babies Calendar winners have been chosen, the calendar created, and ordered. It is due to arrive November 29 and all winners will be receiving a free calendar. All entrants will receive a gift from me via email and the cover photo winner will receive all 3 prizes of a calendar, email gift and a free in-stock fabric custom diaper. This is the event for the 2K fan giveaway as my Christmas gift to you for your commitment to my business. 

RDIA: I'd like announce that Southern Comfort Fitteds has been sponsored as a member of the Real Diaper Industry Association (RDIA). A trade association for cloth diapering manufacturers, retailers, artisans and diaper services. This is an industry that will help SoCo stay up to date with compliancy, attend conferences to optimize the business and stay informed with all the knowledge needed to stay successful and compliant. I am so excited to be a part of this group. Being a part of this group allows me to help my customers as best as I can.

STOCKING: I know you are all anxious to know when I will be stocking again. The next stocking is planned for January 1. Stockings will be every other week next year. Including: guest vendoring in other congos, wholesaling to retailers, and stocking a bunch of accessory goodies on etsy.

GROUP CUSTOMS: The SoCo Summer Workshop is currently closed so that I amy finish up 2013 groups. The workshop will reopen for new group formation January 1. Drawings will occur twice a month.  Workshop 

CUSTOMS: I know everyone LOVES custom diapers! Soooo, that being said, also on January 1, I will be opening an ongoing customs list in the BST where you may place your custom order with a SYOF or In stock fabric. All of the details will be posted in the BST January 1.  BST

ETSY: Etsy is due to reopen this Friday, November 22. Listings will slowly go up one week at a time. This weeks listings planned are nursing pads, and the windpro and polartec pants (a wool alternative)....drum roll name announcements: SoCozies! These will be made to order for now and beginning next year I will have some in stock ready to ship. Etsy

Danielle Walker is the winner of the choosing the name for our new wool alternative! She wins a free pair!

SCratchoffs: What is more fun than scoring an awesome diaper at stocking?? Not much right? Well, next year, at every stocking, I am going to randomly choose 1-2 orders from each stocking that I will stick a SCratchoff ticket inside. These tickets will have something fun under the scratch off. It could be:
a discount code
a free shipping code
a free diaper!
a free anything! 

So be sure to check your packages really well when you get your diaper from stocking to see if you are a winner with a scratch off ticket! This is going to be so much fun next year! These will be given out at EVERY stocking! 

STAY DRY WICKING JERSEY CHANGE: As mentioned before in the BST, the supplier I was using for the stay dry jersey no longer carries what I've been buying. So I am making the switch to pro cool wicking jersey in white, which can be found here if you'd like to take a look and see what will be used from now on in your diapers.

That's it for now folks! I promised I wouldn't talk your ear off so I will save the rest for another blog.


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