Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 2014 Updates

Hello All SoCo fans <3
Here are March's announcements:

This year, I will be attending the GCDC (Great Cloth Diaper Change) in San Antonio. The GCDC is April 26th. If you are new to GCDC, you can learn about it HERE I will not be sponsoring a table, but will be there with one of our retailers Kiwi Baby Shop. I will be there personally "changing" our youngest baby as well as standing alongside the Kiwi Baby Shop table throughout the event.

In February, we guest vendored with Bitty Fluff on HyenaCart. Shortly after, we were asked to become a permament vendor. We are pleased to announce that we said yes and will be stocking all newborn items with Bitty Fluff every 1st and 3rd Friday at 2pm EST. As of right now, we will not stock newborn items anywhere else.

Typically our size 1 diaper does not automatically arrive with FDR installed, unless requested. However, lately, we have noticed that all size 1 diaper orders have requested FDR or are sent back to have them added. In order to lessen any hassle, Size 1 will automatically have FDR pre-installed without request. We only hope that this will make things easier. However, if you order a custom diaper and you wish to not have FDR installed, that will be granted.

In the next few weeks, the Etsy store will be stocked with 2 new items:

1. organic bamboo velour/bamboo baby terry wipes
2. organic sherpa/bamboo baby terry prefolds in 3 sizes

Once the items are listed, we will announce it on facebook. Prefolds have been in testing mode for the past year.

I am sad to say that snap in panels are about to become a thing of the past. After March, they will no longer be available for purchase or custom ordered. I know many of you enjoy them, so I apologize in advance.

Both personal and group customs are now in a 1st and 3rd week of the month rotating order. Each 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, 3 new groups and 4 new personals will be contacted and invoiced, with orders shipping out within the following 2 weeks by the next cluster of invoicing.

Join for group customs HERE
Order personals HERE

4th - Bitty Fluff Stocking 2pm
7th - Customs invoicing
9th - Stocking  9pm (small)
18th - Bitty Fluff Stocking 2pm
21 - Customs invoicing
23 - Stocking 2pm (large)
25 - 2 year Anniversary for Southern Comfort Fitteds
26 - GCDC (attending San Antonio)
27 - April blog post

Reminder that this weeks stocking will be THE EASTER stocking at 9pm Eastern on Wednesday March 26th on HyenaCart.

Be sure to "join this site" and follow the blog for monthly updates!


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