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May 2014 Updates


Rose, if you will contact me via email at the link below to claim you free custom diaper for following the blog! Congratulations!


You will begin to notice a few changes coming up. The store has a new look and feel with updated information. You will soon see a new label on your diapers. New business cards and lots of other goodies coming up. As SoCo grows older and wiser, it also needs to keep up with the times by updating once a year and keeping things fun!



On a daily basis, I get the same question: what is the difference between a true fitted and a hybrid diaper? Because Southern Comfort ~ Fitteds will always offer true fitteds at stockings and as custom options, this months post will go into a bit of detail on the differences between the two types of diapers. 

A TRUE FITTED has a hidden layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece.
A HYBRID has a hidden layer of polyester fleece. 

^^ that is the main biological make up of the differences.

Benefits of a true fitted:
  • Absorbs ten times its weight in liquid
  • completes the diaper to be 100% natural and organic
  • increases the value and life expectancy of the diaper with a better fabric quality
Benefits of a hybrid fitted:
  • the polyester fleece repels liquids and pushes wetness back into the soaker
  • the outside of the diaper stays dryer longer
  • less expensive than a true fitted
  • creates a lighter weight diaper

Every cloth diapering mom has her own preference in which type of fitted diaper she prefers. There are some who like both, and don't care either way. Some who will only buy true fitteds and some who will only buy hybrid fitteds.

Here is a quote from a mom who only buys hybrid diapers:

I love my SouthernComfort Hybrid cloth diapers. 
I am one who doesn't like to touch the moisture on the outside of the diaper. Hybrids have a layer of poly-fleece in between the inside and outside layer repelling wetness to go back to the soaker snake system. Because my little 1 year old isn;t drinking as much now, for me, the hybrid is dry most of the day. It can usually hold up to 3-4 potty's before she begins to be wet on the outside of her hybrid. This is strictly my preference.  There are also Fitteds available.
Fitteds are cut into an hour glass shape and they use a layer of bamboo in place of the poly-fleece layer which absorbs the moisture into the shell and making the outside feel wet. They push the wetness away from babies skin and trap the moisture in the cloth diaper shell. 
Both types, do require a cover to stay dryer longer and use for overnight as they both can leak so to speak. Depending on the age of your little one/s, some frequently potty more or less than others so the actual time one can stay in the cloth will vary. 
Sometimes Fitteds stay dry longer depending on the child, while others have better luck with Hybrids. Since their are two layers in the double soaker snake and four layers in the booster now, Hybrids limit leaks by pushing back into the soaker and filling it up until is can not hold anymore moisture. 

And a quote from a mom who only buys true fitteds:

I have a couple of reasons for loving true fitteds so much. The first is absorbency- they tend to last longer without leaks for us. But even better is the fact that they are so gentle on my daughter's sensitive skin. She used to get frequent diaper rashes until I switched her stash to true fitteds. Now her skin is happy and clear! fitteds tend to spread the wet out across the shell, which means that they will feel slightly wet everywhere rather than having all that wet focused on a tiny area.


The Etsy store has a new product this month. 7.5 by 9 inch double sided organic bamboo baby terry wash cloths. These are super soft and absorbent for babies with sensitive skin during bath time. These are sold in 4 packs for $7.


The Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (NILMDS) night time diaper will now be made with a touching inner of microfleece rather than cotton velour. All NILMDS at stockings will come standard this way beginning in June. The reason behind this is: because this diaper is worn all night long, baby needs something that is going to keep the skin dry as much as possible to prevent any redness or rashes. This is also because the shell is a hybrid shell, an absorbent fabric, such as cotton velour (which is what is typically placed on the inside lining of the shell) will absorb some of the wetness and has no where to go but leak onto the sheets or baby's skin. With a microfleece touching inner, all wetness will be forced to suck into the the SUPER FLUFFY TRIPLE ABSORBENT night-time soaker system. The microfleece is buttery soft and will feel heavenly against baby's skin helping baby sleep better. 


This game we will play every Friday in the BST group. Post a pic of your baby in any SoCo with the hashtag #socobumfridays and every following Saturday morning a winner will be drawn from the thread and given a stalk free pass to purchase any diaper they wish at future hyenacart stockings.


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