Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014 Summer Updates

Summer time is in FULL SWING!  I hope you are all enjoying swimming, popsicles, movies, camps and vacations! So many of us are super busy with kids this summer. Including a minor slow down for my self. We have a few changes that will hold throughout the summer until school starts back in August. Please take a moment to glance over:

1) Etsy will be in vacation mode. Behind the scenes I will be creating ready to ship accessories as well as some NEW items to re list when it's time to re open.

2) Personal Customs list is closed. All current sign ups will be focused on and completed before re-opening.

3) New groups will be accepted in the workshop. Leaders will be able to sign their groups up via a google form and will be made in order of sign up. Groups will be a main focus this summer.

4) Pre-Orders are on break. We will take a break from BST Exclusives and Stocking Pre-Orders until later.

5) Stockings will be the biggest focus. With new prints, bi weekly, on a regular and consistent basis. Regular stockings every other Wendesday and Bitty Fluff every other Friday, staggered to each other. Stalk Free pass owners will need to be on stand by if you are wanting to turn your pass in directly after previews.

6) Daily Deals will become more frequent. These are random flash sales in the BST of a brand new diaper just made, for steal of a deal! We will try to make these on a more consistent basis.

7) Curveballs will continue to surprise us at stockings. These are off the wall unique prints or appliques, OOAK/HTF that will show up 2 minutes after stocking goes live. Stalk Free passes are not allowed for these.

Once I return from the Real Diaper Industry Association conference in September, I will re-open what has been closed with all of the knowledge I have gained with the rules and regulations of being compliant with child product safety.

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