Sunday, July 27, 2014

2015 Calendar Contest Time!

2015 SoCo Babies Calendar and New Website Launch Photos

Does your little one have what it takes to be in the next SoCo 2015 Calendar??


August 1, 2014- September 30, 2014 at 12pm est. We will be accepting entries for our annual 2015 calendar and the theme will be SoCo Creative Baby! We want to see tons of creativity, brand display and use of props or decorations. Points will be given from our secret panel of judges and prizes will be awarded. Remember the only way to have a chance to win is to enter.


1. Each member is allowed one entry per child,  so if you have more than one child in a SoCo you may enter more than once or combine them in the same photo. 

2. No early entries OR late entries will be accepted. Photo must have the child “showing off” the SoCo brand. The label on your diaper must clearly be displayed in your photo or your photo will be automatically disqualified. 

3. Photo is to be emailed to with the subject line “SoCo 2015 Calendar Contest.” 

4. DO NOT post your image/s to the official SoCo face book page or B/S/T wall.

5. Virtually sign a Consent of Release of your image to Southern Comfort ~ Fitteds allowing it to be posted on the official SoCo face book page, HyenaCart shop, IndieCart shop, SoCo B/S/T, SoCo Blog and future use for advertising.  Any image that is not accompanied by a release WILL NOT be included in the contest. 

Consent form is found by clicking HERE


Three secret judges have been previously selected. Each judge will rate each photo and reward points for each category: 

Creativity- up to 30 points-display of colors, lighting, focus, balance
Display of Brand- up to 10 points- easy to see our SoCo Brand
Props- up to 10 points-use of or lack there of
Judges appeal- up to 20 points-sticks in our minds, easy to ‘get the big picture’
***Please note that creativity is top priority and may affect the points awarded in the Judges appeal category***

First Prize - determined solely by judges will win the cover of our 2015 Calendar Contest and awarded a FREE Custom diaper using any in-stock fabric or SYOF. Winner will choose, T&T or serged, size, soaker type (CV or comfort-dri), snap color and inner color. As well as a free calendar.
Second Prize - winner will receive a store credit and will be awarded “Fan Favorite.” Fan Favorite will be chosen by; at close of contest, ALL images submitted will be posted in an album with each photo published with the child’s first name, age and diaper style on the official Southern Comfort ~ Fitteds Facebook page. Each Facebook member is allowed to vote for as many photos as they choose. Dates/Times will be listed on the album for ending votes for Fan Favorite. 


Calendars will be created and produced during the month of October this year. Due to arrive by November and mailed out to winners in time for Christmas. Calendars are heavy duty card stock with a glossy finish and a spiral flip formatting style. There will be Calendars for sale to the general public once they arrive. 

Any questions can be submitted via email to as well.

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