Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Updates

Happy Fall Ya'll!!

The first weekend in September my husband George (CEO) and I took a trip to Las Vegas to attend a 3 Day Real Diaper Industry Association Conference. The RDIA is the trade association for the cloth diapering industry for Artisans like myself. At the conference, we were informed on the most up to date CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) laws and regulations of lead and flammability testing in fabrics for use in children's clothing, namely, cloth diapers. You will be happy to know that Southern Comfort ~ Fitteds products are and will always be sold to you 100% compliant of these laws with certifications.  All products will and do have the required CPSIA information attached to them when consumers receive them. 

Now for the FUN PART!!! I received this SUPER AWESOME goody bag full of baby stuff from the Sponsors of the conference. And I want to give this entire bag away to one very lucky winner!!!

Here are the stipulations:

1. Be a follower of the blog AND leave a comment below telling what your favorite part about todays blog post is
2. "Like" the main facebook post regarding THIS blog post

You can go "like" the post by clicking here

That's it! A random winner will be announced on October 1st and this good bag will be shipped out FREE OF CHARGE, as a thank you from me <3


There are only 2 days left to enter a photo for next years Calendar. Remember,  everyone who is chosen for the calendar gets a FREE calendar, a chance to win a free diaper and be on the cover. And every ENTRANT receives a free gift automatically. All the details are in the blog post previous to this one.


I will only be stocking once a month until the end of the year. Groups will be the main focus, so come join us in the workshop!

1 - New groups invoiced
3 - Bitty Fluff Stocking 2pm
15 - Main Stocking and New groups invoiced
17 - Bitty Fluff stocking
26 - Blog
29 - New groups invoiced

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  1. My favorite part of the blog is the groups being the main focus.��

  2. I'm excited that your diapers are CPSC compliant! You won't have to make any expensive changes :)

  3. My favorite part of the blog is where you talk about Las Vegas.
    I love Vegas! LOL
    But really everything was very informative.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

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  5. Love SoCo's. Glad you make every effort you can to stay on top of being compliant. That means I am getting the best product available.

  6. Glad you and your husband were able to take a small break to Las Vegas for the diaper conference and to hear Southern Comfort ~ Fitteds products are and will always be sold to you 100% compliant of these laws with certifications.

  7. My favorite part is knowing SoCo's are safe to put on my little loved one! Thank you for being compliant!

  8. I love that groups will be the main focus but you are still taking time to allow people to score a diaper or undies in the meantime

  9. love love love that you will always make safe clothing and diapers for my children!

  10. Love that you are 100% compliant! Thanks for keeping our babies safe! :)