Sunday, December 14, 2014

Store Grand Opening!

Launching the new website!

There are a few things to learn about the new site! Do you plan on shopping? Start here!

The store will be open to the public for anyone to shop at midnight on December 17th.  The website is an IN-STOCK store at all times. Now that we are no longer using HyenaCart, we will be switching time zones! This is very important. The new time zone for Southern Comfort ~ Fitteds is CST!

Here is how it works:


There are no more stocking times (such as everything goes live at 2pm etc.) Everything will always be stocked until the amount I have in stock sells out. 

Each Wednesday I will "stock" new prints, blankets, etc. So Wednesdays will still technically be our same old "stocking days".

Behind the scenes, you will not know how many of each item is available. So you will have to make your purchase before they sell out, because you will not know if they are sold or not! The first person to complete their checkout!

If you are able to check out with your purchase, that means you scored your items and they did not sell out under you.

This process above will mostly only apply to diapers and undies.  You will also notice that all diapers and undies are made to order only. This is so that you can buy the print you want with the exact preferences you need. They will take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

There will be some diapers and undies that are already made and ready to ship. These will be listed under READY TO SHIP DEALS category in the store. They will be mostly in stock regular prints at a steal of a deal.


All blankets are ready to ship at all times! They will ship out within 48 hours after purchasing and ship priority.  All blankets are made with organic bamboo velour and I dye them myself. What is stocked is what is available. They will sell out fast, so be sure to snag them as soon as you can because you will not know your competition behind the checkout line.


Made to order based on what you need. However, these will ship out within 1-2 weeks


Shipping is based on weight and location.

PLEASE KNOW THAT I AM STILL WORKING OUT THE KINKS! It may take several weeks before I have everything straightened out so I appreciate your patience.

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