Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring 2015 Updates

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On the main facebook page, we are reaching 4,000 fans! I will be drawing a winner from the thread on the main page for a free diaper, so be sure to go comment on it :) You can comment on it here:

Website Stockings/Orders:
The following dates will be the last weekly stockings:

March 11
March 18
March 25
April 1
April 8

There will not be a stocking this coming Wednesday March 4 (tomorrow).

Summer stockings will begin in May. Once a month, on an announced date, there will be a stocking with ready to ship items only (no pre-orders).  These stockings will carry on through August (4 months only). In September, we will go back to weekly stockings and pre-orders.

Website orders are being processed and shipped daily. Please watch for your email updates.

Spring Break/GCDC:
Next week March 9-13 is Spring Break in my town. The studio will be closed. I will have my children home and have several doctors appointments. However, there will be a website stocking for some pre-orders on March 11 during that week.

GCDC. What's that?
The Great Cloth Diaper Change

Each year, families from around the world gather at the exact same time to change their babies into a cloth diaper to beat a world Guinness record.  Recently, I have been attending these events as a guest vendor. This year, the event is April 18th (if you have a SoCo calendar you will see that event is scheduled in) and I will have a table at the event in Houston, TX.  I would love to meet some of my customers in the Houston area! I will be taking off 1-2 weeks mid-April for this event. Here are some links for more information:



I will have more information for you when we get closer to the event.

Southern Comfort ~ Fitteds' Birthday is coming up April 25th! This will be our 3rd Birthday! I am cooking up something extra fun and special for this so stay tuned. We usually begin our photo contest around this time for the next year calendar.

Workshop Newsletter:
The workshop recently began a Rewards Program. For every complete group submitted, you earn one point worth a 10% discount up to 10 points.  Please be sure to keep up with your own points on the spreadsheet in the files.  All of the information regarding the points system is in that file as well.

Link to the workshop:


If you are new to the workshop, there are 4 Amazing Admins there to help you and the files have everything you need to know. 

This Friday, March 6th, there will be NO invoicing new groups. This is due to the above mentioned schedule regarding my spring break. Next invoicing will be March 13th. However, there will still be previews for the following groups this Friday night March 6th:

Rainbow Thunder
Summer Dream Remix
Peace and Love
Over the Moon

Even though the studio will be officially closed during my spring break, I will still preview 1-2 groups that Friday. During the months of May - August, with the store only being stocked once a month, the workshop and memberships will be moved at a rapid pace with my focus entirely on these two programs.

Hybrids. Hybrids are made with a hidden layer of polyester fleece. Recently I have teamed up with a new supplier for a new poly fleece. This fleece is 10x more durable, sustainable and water proof than any other fleece I have manufactured. It is from a large textile company and has a fantastic review for water repelling. Soon you will begin noticing your diaper shells are more dense and have no wetness on the outside.

Polymailers. SoCo is changing over to EcoEnclose polymailers. This is a benefit from me to you as a customer. An EcoEnclose is a polymailer with a reusable seal so that you may use it again when you sell your diapers. I am so excited to be able to offer this to you! It's all about re-usable!

Dearest Diapers:
One of my top retailers Dearest Diapers has a new shipment on the way to them! Dearest Diapers is a top major retailer in California and will also be attending the Great Cloth Diaper Change. There are a couple still in stock! 

Dearest Diapers Here

Thank you so much for taking a moment to get your dose of updates!


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